Advanced Mouse Manager Release Notes

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In the Next Version

v2.2🕡 Unreleased

Current Version

v2.1🕖 December 10, 2020
  +Added localization for Türkçe.
  #Auto-disable when Advanced Mouse Manager's window is focused, instead of when it's open.

Previous Versions

v2.0🕢 December 3, 2020
  +Added Operating System controlled repeat timing.
  +Added localization for български.
  *Fixed issues when pressing both mouse buttons simultaneously.

v1.9.4🕗 April 17, 2020
  *Fixed Keyboard sequence entry to prevent partial replacements and allow full replacements.
  *Fixed Registry license issue (hopefully).
  *Fixed license deactivation on uninstallation.

v1.9.3🕣 April 15, 2020
  #Improved Licensing methodology to be both cleaner and more secure.

v1.9.2🕘 October 30, 2019
  *Fixed License Key activation on Ctrl+V Paste on Windows 10.
  #Updated SHA-1 digital signature.

v1.9.1🕤 April 10, 2019
  *Fixed permission issue on Non-English Operating System setups.

v1.9🕙 March 24, 2019
  +Added major security measures to update system.
  +Added New Update dialog for security and user-control purposes.
  +Added localization for Italiano.
  *Fixed some user permission issues and some registration issues.
  *Adjusted some existing translations.

v1.8🕥 August 22, 2018
  *Fixed All Applications in the case of applications with an indeterminable path.
  *Altered path detection code a little.

v1.7🕚 June 14, 2018
  +Added internal code signing integrity check.
  *Fixed Application/Profile Rename bugs. Any running Applications should now take their Profile name, if one exists.
  #Changed HTTP connections and hyperlinks to HTTPS for Windows 7 and above.
  -Removed context menus from Mouse Button 4 and 5 textboxes.

v1.6🕦 April 9, 2018
  +Added localization for Español.

v1.5🕛 January 18, 2018
  *Fixed error caused by registry code.

v1.4🕧 January 6, 2018
  +Added focus-when-running feature when the program is opened again while still running, so Advanced Mouse Manager won't stay hidden and seem confusing.

v1.3.4🕐 January 1, 2018
  *Fixed issues with process access and file paths that occasionally caused the program to crash.
  #Changed registration backup verification method.

v1.3.3🕜 November 5, 2017
  +Added localization for Français.
  +Added error message and fallback for localization selection when locale resource library is missing.
  -Removed United States, Germany, and Finland regions from respective base English, Deutsch, and Suomi localization selection to match locale file naming.

v1.3.2🕑 May 22, 2017
  *Fixed flicker caused by re-applying the same language every save.
  *Fixed save button being enabled when there's no changes to save.
  *Fixed Application List column sizing and flickering.
  *Fixed Application Profile being unchecked if another profile for the same Application is selected in the List.
  *Fixed All Applications profile name not changing names when the language is changed.

v1.3.1🕝 December 14, 2016
  +Added Auto-Deletion of Setup file once Install is complete.
  *Fixed an issue when there's a running program with no Process Name or Window Title.

v1.3🕒 December 14, 2016
  +Added localizations for Deutsch (Germany) and Suomi (Finland). You can choose your language from the Installer or from the Configuration.
  *Fixed a lot of issues including a crash when activating Advanced Mouse Manager when running as a standard user.
  /This version was created in September and has been delayed for translation testing. If there are any translation issues left, please let me know!

v1.2🕞 June 25, 2016
  +Added context menu for Product Key entry boxes.
  *Fixed delay when removing a Product Key by making the network connection on a new thread.
  *Fixed the Save button being enabled when the Profiles tab is clicked for the first time on a fresh run of the program.

v1.1🕓 August 21, 2015
  +Added Profiles to tray icon menu, allowing easy selection of the profiles you want enabled or disabled.
  +Added error dialog in case of errors.

v1.0🕟 August 18, 2015
  /Initial release.

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