Lime Media Player

by RealityRipple Software

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 Version 0.7
 Released August 25, 2016

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Lime Media Player is in need of a complete rewrite... Again. I lost the source code to the improved PlayList system and a whole bundle of other changes in a hard drive format (luckily, everything else I may have lost was either restored or didn't matter). The short of it is, Lime Light's down.

I will be writing a new pair of players, currently dubbed Lime Light and Lime Concentrate. Lime Light will be a 'learning' jukebox system, using an in-development algorithm to play you songs based on data regarding your music collection. The system will be entitled SIMPL, and I'll start on it eventually.

My second creation will follow more along the lines of todays players, with all the usual bells and whistles, and possibly HFS+ reading if I can get it working (for all you iUsers out there, though I weep for your minds). It'll also hopefully have some kind of centralized database of media data... I'm thinking of seeing if there's a way to generate a numeric hash of a song's general waveform somehow, and use that to identify and label songs.

For development and testing, I have created Lime Seed Media Player, which I have a semi-stable version of running for my daily use in order to smooth out bugs. It is fully 64-bit capable, and includes CD ripping and standard video and audio playback.

If you want to test out Lime Seed, I'd recommend grabbing a copy of the K-Lite Codec Pack. Personally, I use the Mega release.


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