Remote Usage Service User Panel

Test Your Account

  Please log in with your ViaSat provided Account, Password, and Provider Domain to test your account. Your information will not be saved during this process. It will be sent over a secure connection to the provider you specify below, but will not be sent anywhere else.
  Your provider domain may be automatically included in the list of supported providers if the connection is successful. No further information to identify you will be collected, stored, or transmitted in any way.

Please make sure the connection is secure before entering your information to prevent eavesdropping from third parties.
This test may take a few minutes to complete depending on your provider. Please be patient.
If your request is successful, the response should be displayed below, showing your current usage with vertical pipes (|) between each set of numbers.
If there is an issue, the failure type will be listed below.

  If you would like to sign up for the Remote Usage Service or want to learn more about the features and benefits included, feel free to visit <>.