Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition No-CD Loader

Play Warcraft II without the CD [Comments]


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System Requirements

OS:Windows 95Windows 7
Hard Drive:800 MB800 MB
Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition No-CD Loader allows you to play Warcraft II without the CD.

Simply copy W2BNNoCD.exe from the ZIP file to your Warcraft II folder, insert your Warcraft II CD, and run W2BNNoCD. The loader will prompt you to select the right drive and then begin copying over the necessary file to your Warcraft II folder. Note that the file copied over is over 500 MB, so you'll need some hard drive space. When the copy is complete, the game will start automatically.
Once this initial step has been run, you can simply run W2BNNoCD to play Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition without a CD. You may wish to change shortcuts to Warcraft II to W2BNNoCD.exe instead of Warcraft II BNE.exe for convenience.
Users with UPnP capable routers will get the added bonus of automatic TCP/UDP Port 6112-6119 forwarding, to fix latency issues while hosting games over Battle.net. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users won't have to worry about visual corruption: W2BNNoCD 1.0.4 automatically kills Windows Explorer for you before the game starts, and then restarts it when you close Warcraft II: Battle.net Edition.

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