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In the Next Version

v1.5🕢 Unreleased

Current Version

v1.4🕗 September 9, 2021
  *Fixed URLs with hyphens.
  *Fixed icon showing on sites with empty 'lang' attribute.
  *Skipped tabs without URI property.

Previous Versions

v1.3🕣 July 27, 2021
  #Changed the way the extension works to use an icon in the Address Bar to toggle translations for a page rather than forcing it immediately on page load.

v1.2🕘 July 19, 2021
  +Added underscore language/locale separator support.

v1.1🕤 July 18, 2021
  *Match by language, not locale.

v1.0🕙 July 18, 2021
  /Initial release.

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