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Current Version

v1.3.1December 14, 2016
  +Added Auto-Deletion of Setup file once Install is complete.
  *Fixed an issue when there's a running program with no Process Name or Window Title.

Previous Versions

v1.3December 14, 2016
  +Added localizations for Deutsch (Germany) and Suomi (Finland). You can choose your language from the Installer or from the Configuration.
  *Fixed a lot of issues including a crash when activating Advanced Mouse Manager when running as a standard user.
  /This version was created in September and has been delayed for tested. If there are any translation issues left, please let me know!

v1.2June 25, 2016
  +Added context menu for Product Key entry boxes.
  *Fixed delay when removing a Product Key by making the network connection on a new thread.
  *Fixed the Save button being enabled when the Profiles tab is clicked for the first time on a fresh run of the program.

v1.1August 21, 2015
  +Added Profiles to tray icon menu, allowing easy selection of the profiles you want enabled or disabled.
  +Added error dialog in case of errors.

v1.0August 18, 2015
  /Initial release.

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