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In the Next Version

v1.6🕣 Unreleased

Current Version

v1.5.92🕘 September 3, 2021
  *Fixed Exede login changes.

Previous Versions

v1.5.91🕤 April 24, 2021
  *Fixed Exede login changes.

v1.5.9🕙 March 16, 2021
  *Fixed Exede login changes.

v1.5.8🕥 February 13, 2021
  *Fixed empty Key detection.
  *Fixed TLS Proxy.
  *Fixed local database bug.
  #Changed password storage from RC4 to AES (Rijndael).

v1.5.7🕚 February 4, 2021
  +Added check for JS load problem.
  #Protected against infinite redirects.

v1.5.63🕦 February 1, 2021
  *Fixed Exede login changes.

v1.5.62🕛 November 4, 2020
  *Fixed another Exede issue.

v1.5.61🕧 June 15, 2020
  *Fixed some Exede issues.

v1.5.6🕐 June 13, 2020
  +Added support for new Exede site.

v1.5.5🕜 April 29, 2020
  *Fixed typo.
  #Database speed improvements.
  #User Agent OS improvements.

v1.5.4🕑 August 9, 2018
  *Fixed preemptive timeouts.
  *Fixed cookies on MONO 3 versions 3.8 and newer.

v1.5.3🕝 August 8, 2018
  *Prevented duplicate AJAX IDs from causing loops.
  -Removed TLS Proxy.

v1.5.2🕒 March 30, 2018
  #Changed Exede AJAX system to update automatically through, hopefully reducing the number of program updates.

v1.5🕞 March 11, 2018
  *Fixed Custom Color graphing.
  *Reset About dialog's "Check for Updates" button on close.
  #Changed "Slowed" Tray icon display.

v1.4.23🕓 February 10, 2018
  +Added Version to Error Reports.
  *Fixed Exede and Dish logins.
  *Fixed Exede maintenance message.
  #Cleaned up some code.

v1.4.22🕟 January 1, 2018
  +Added some new server and network errors.
  +Added delay between error reports.
  #Forced UI Locale to English to ensure errors are handled correctly.

v1.4.21🕔 November 30, 2017
  *Fixed Exede AJAX requests and ViaSat rebranding.

v1.4.2🕠 November 21, 2017
  *Fixed Exede AJAX requests.

v1.4.19🕕 November 16, 2017
  *Fixed cookies for MONO 4.8+.
  *Fixed using Exede domain on WildBlue account type.
  #Truncated long URLs in network error messages.
  -Disabled Network Security "Enforce" checkbox when TLS Proxy is enabled.

v1.4.18🕡 November 12, 2017
  +Added Enforce network security checkbox.
  *Improvements to cookie handling.
  *Fixed Exede AJAX required requests.
  *Fixed Exede login error check.
  -Reverted the not-so-improved configuration saving method.

v1.4.172🕖 August 21, 2017
  #Modified DishNet meter parsing.

v1.4.17🕢 August 7, 2017
  *Improvements to Cookie handling.

v1.4.16🕗 August 5, 2017
  *Improvements to new configuration saving method.
  *Fixed DishNet login issue caused by a HTTP-invalid comma in a cookie value.

v1.4.14🕣 June 18, 2017
  +Fixed intermittent Exede login issue.
  *Fixed RuralPortal meter in "Using Buy More" state.
  *Fixed a Null Reference Exception when opening the Configuration if a speed test website is selected.

v1.4.13🕘 June 4, 2017
  +Internal Server Errors are now a common error type detected before processing any data.
  +Included check for maintenance message in Exede Prepare.
  +Added version to Bug Reports.
  *Corrected an incorrect labeling of Prepare failures as Login failures.
  *Fixed incorrect icon graph on Tray Icon size change (usually seen on system startup).
  #Updated Alert Styles "More" link.

v1.4.12🕤 May 16, 2017
  +Added support for intermittent Exede logins which lack the RelayState variable.
  +Added Incorrect Password message for intermittent Exede logins.
  #Improved Exede login method regarding cut-off form data.

v1.4.11🕙 May 1, 2017
  +Added a new "slowed" state detection for RuralPortal.
  +Included a check for an "ATTRIBUTE ERROR E11" message when reading MyDish usage data.

v1.4.1🕥 April 19, 2017
  +Included .NET 4.7 in the Framework parsing code.
  *Only included extra-purchased usage value and total if the value is greater than zero for MyDish users.

v1.4🕚 April 8, 2017
  +Added support for Exede resellers using the "" domain.
  +Added context menu to the Product Key textboxes.
  +Added "Data temporarily unavailable" message for Exede.
  +Added feedback message to failure system for non-failures that I'd still like information on.
  *Fixed RuralPortal "change your password" bypass regression.
  *Fixed a couple Config closure bugs.
  *Fixed a bug when exporting history.
  *Fixed "invisible" icon when the Tray Icons hadn't fully been saved yet.
  #Improved graphing system accuracy and timescale detection.
  #Improved detection of "free" and "slowed" states.
  #Improved network error messages to be consistent.
  #Changed "DishNet" to "Dish" and ""/"" to "".
  #Changed methodology of red usage numbers and included descriptive tooltips.
  #Disabled SSL/TLS Security Protocols if they aren't supported by the OS or Framework in the Configuration, and disabled them all if Remote Usage Service is enabled.
    LIN: #Major changes to installation procedure.

v1.3.8🕦 February 28, 2017
  +Added support for Exede Business using the "" provider.
  *Fixed a possible issue with DishNet.
  #Improved Tray icon progress visibility and animation.
  #Improved History Graph methodology.

v1.3.71🕛 January 9, 2017
  *Fixed latest Exede change.
  *Fixed TLS 1.2 support (Requires MONO 4.8 or newer).

v1.3.7🕧 November 19, 2016
  *Cleaned up a lot of code and made a few backend improvements.
  *Fixed latest Exede changes and improved Exede AJAX loading.

v1.3.6🕐 August 13, 2016
  +Added a TLS Proxy option for Exede users on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, and macOS.
  *Cleaned up some minor interface and code issues.
  ++PATCH 1.3.601 fixes issues on newer versions of MONO.

v1.3.53🕜 June 30, 2016
  *Fixed a couple DishNet login issues.
  *Fixed a redirect issue that was breaking RuralPortal.
  #Prevented new icons being created on the Desktop and in the Start Menu when updating.

v1.3.52🕑 June 19, 2016
  +Added SSL/TLS checkboxes to select what versions you want to enable. Any versions that aren't supported will be hidden.
  *Fixed DishNet logins.
  *Fixed some other minor bugs here and there.
  #Changed "Available" to "Free" on the Main window.

v1.3.51🕝 May 15, 2016
  +Added another Connection aborted network error.
  +Added support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2 if .NET 4.5 or newer is installed (and hopefully MONO with new-tls, whenever that gets implemented and fixed).
  +Added temporary TLS 1.2 support failure message.
  *Fixed the Configuration window's tab order.
  *Fixed network error handling bug.
  #Changed default encoding to LATIN_1 to fix some problems that could arise in the MONO version.

v1.3.5🕒 May 1, 2016
  +Added a bunch of new server and network errors.
  +Added an updated default list of known providers.
  +Added Common Language Runtime version to User Agent string.
  +Added details regarding the reason an update would be temporarily paused.
  *Redesigned the entire network connection methodology to prevent timeouts caused by asynchronous responses.
  *Fixed response alert to error report send and closing the error report alert when clicked.
  #Reorganized lots of code.
  #Changed which errors reset the Account Type.
  #Default Timeout is now 120 seconds.
  -Removed extra Exede AJAX requests to speed up connection time and cut down on data usage.

v1.3.4🕞 August 5, 2015
  +Added the option to minimize instead of closing the program when you click the X on the Main window.
  *Fixed socket Read/Write timeout to wait for three hours instead of the regular timeout setting time.
  *Fixed the maximum range for the Network Timeout in Configuration.
  *Fixed the download speed meter when downloading updates in the Main and About windows.
  *Fixed detection of whether the Tray icon is supported.

v1.3.3🕓 July 19, 2015
  +Added Internet Speed Test Website link icon option.
  +Added gridlines to the History Graph and consolidated the graphing functions.
  +Added support for a few more error messages.
  +Added an error dialog that may catch some errors.
  *Fixed a bug when trying to save an empty database.
  #Improved History Directory file moving procedures.
  #Improved the tooltip text for the Usage Period buttons in the History window.
  #Improved the verbosity of graphing failures.
  #Improved History Directory save state handling in Configuration.
  #Disabled most of the History interface if no usage data is available, and allowed importing a database when the primary database is empty.
  #Disabled the Tray icon options if no Tray icon can be shown.

v1.3.2🕟 March 19, 2015
  +Added DishNet Captcha Validation error message.
  +Added support for "Network subsystem is down" error message.
  +Added Exede Denial of Service error message.
  +Added Exede Server Down error message.
  *Fixed empty usage numbers and incorrect 150 GB limit numbers.
  *Improved responsiveness of Numeric Up/Down textboxes in Config.
  -Removed slowed state from Freedom accounts, and prevented it from sticking around if under 100% on Exede accounts.

v1.3.1🕔 February 24, 2015
  +Added options for disabling the system Tray notification icon or only showing it when minimized.
  +Added some new error messages.
  +Added automatic charset encoding selection to web client responses.
  *Fixed error message regression.

v1.3🕠 February 5, 2015
  +Added some new error messages.
  +Added new update settings to allow for completely automatic updating.
  +New Configuration window and settings to match the Windows version.
  *Fixed Exede logins.
  *Fixed timeout range.
  *Fixed useless creation of ProgramData/AppData paths in some cases.
  *Fixed a lot of under-the-hood bugs.
  *Fixed empty Data Directory settings issues by defaulting to AppData.
  -Removed extra slash from some paths.

v1.2.2🕕 January 23, 2015
  *Fixed DishNet logins again.
  -Removed all console debug outputs.

v1.2.1🕡 January 16, 2015
  +Added some missing tooltip text to the Config window.
  +Added xterm and x-terminal-emulator to update batch run list.
  *Fixed DishNet logins again.
  *Fixed erroneous timeout message.
  #Changed initializing connection messages to a single standard.

v1.2🕖 January 14, 2015
  +Added some more network and socket error message responses and changed the wording of some of the messages.
  +Added move failure error catch and display when moving History directory to another location.
  +Added atlasPlanInvalid check when loading Exede Dashboard.
  +Added Account Locked message check when loading Exede.
  +Added Login Too Soon message check when loading DishNet.
  +Added Strong Name Key signing just in case it ever becomes an issue.
  +Added some extra reset events to prevent timeout errors.
  +Added new Color dialog UI arrangement when using single-usage-number accounts (like Exede).
  *Fixed odd-width Tray icon graphs.
  *Fixed Data Directory checks to ignore missing trailing directory separators and case sensitivity.
  *Fixed a few extra small bugs.
  *Fixed Tray icon 50% color checkbox change not being detected by the Save button in the Color dialog.
  *Fixed Alert background image being replaced by default all the time.
  *Fixed Alert Selection button order on some KDE environments.
  *Fixed update bash run on some Linux distros.
  #Centered the statusbar text a little better.
  #Improved number display change speed to be a little more prompt.
  -Removed defunct minimum 3 minute timeout.
  -Removed all SSL checking.
  -Removed a lot of defunct and commented out code.
  -Removed all button icons.

v1.1🕢 December 7, 2014
  +Added "You must create an account at the new Exede Portal" error message for users that try to log in through the old Exede page.
  +Added SSL/TLS selection option in the Configuration (with TLS as default now).

v1.0🕗 November 21, 2014
  +Added support for uncompressed Tarballs (.tar) for Alert Styles, mostly because of macOS Safari.
  +Added 500 MB leeway for finding reset dates in the History.
  *Fixed some Exede login failures and read failures.
  *Fixed addition of new providers so they're only added to the online list once a connection has been successfully made.
  *Fixed Graph Color Customization previews.
  #Changed default color scheme for graphs to blue.
  #Digitally Signed the EXE of all versions (Win, Lin, and macOS) with the new RealityRipple Software CA issued signature.

v0.4.5.2🕣 October 25, 2014
  -Removed some defunct Exede graph code.

v0.4.5.1🕘 October 24, 2014
  +Added some more network and socket error message responses.
  *Fixed Exede logins again.

v0.4.5🕤 October 3, 2014
  +Added Exede Freedom usage parsing.
  +Added second attempt at logins for Exede users to log in through the old page, particularly for Evolution and Freedom users.
  +Added thousands separators to numbers in the History and Main Window usage numbers.
  *Fixed DishNet logins (again).
  *Fixed a crash caused by an incomplete web response.
  *Fixed some database reading errors.
  *Fixed a History window date selection bug.
  *Fixed some custom color issues.
  #Cleaned up some graphing code and improved the graph display for many account types.
  #Improved progress display for Exede and DishNet logins.

v0.4.4🕙 August 15, 2014
  +Added "thank you" or "failure" response when reporting issues.
  +Added some more friendly network error messages.
  *Fixed timeouts during multiple slow redirects.
  *Fixed DishNet meter reading.
  *Fixed a few small bugs.
  *Fixed Customize Colors dialog color checking code to prevent Save from being enabled when it shouldn't be.
  #Cleaned up and re-organized the Configuration window.

v0.4.3🕥 August 8, 2014
  *Fixed login for new Exede portal (again).
  *Prevented product key double-check when opening the Configuration window.
  *Fixed a Proxy parse issue.
  *Fixed a few small bugs.
  #Improved URLEncoding method.
  #Improved some Exede error messages.
  #Tried to force provider list onto asynchronous thread to prevent lockup when opening the Configuration window.
  #Made some other general improvements.

v0.4.2🕚 August 2, 2014
  *Fixed login for new Exede portal.
  #Split E-Mail value into Username and Provider values for clarity, with an online-updated list of Providers.
  -Removed Up/Down inversion since Exede doesn't split them anymore.

v0.4.1🕦 July 3, 2014
  -Reverted HTTP to version 1.0 from 1.1 due to connection issues.

v0.4🕛 July 1, 2014
  +Added a new Save prompt when closing dialogs before settings have been saved.
  +Added some new friendly network error messages.
  +Added HTTP 1.1 support for connections to
  *Fixed a bug when displaying the progress icon while closing the program.
  *Fixed update dialog buttons.
  *Fixed some proxy entry issues.
  *Fixed password change bypass for RuralPortal users.
  #Save button disables itself again if changes made are the same as current settings.
  -Removed all mention of the word "bandwidth" in favor of the word "usage".

v0.3.2🕧 June 12, 2014
  +Added some new friendly network error messages.
  *Cleaned up some internal code.
  #Improved Update dialog.

v0.3.1.3🕐 June 4, 2014
  +Added some new usage state messages for DishNet logins.
  +Added support for new DishNet login methodology.
  *Enforced percent encoding for usernames as well as passwords.
  #Redesigned usage grabbing code for simplicity in maintenance.

v0.3.1.2🕜 June 1, 2014
  +Added some more friendly network error messages.
  *Fixed some date selection bugs.
  *Fixed possible bugs with HTML Percent Encoding method if passed an empty string.
  *Fixed a bug in the 60 Days button.
  #Improved Exede graphing methodology.
  #Cut averaging down to exact range on all graphs, and used maximum instead of average of the range for Exede.

v0.3.1.1🕑 May 23, 2014
  +Added friendly socket failure messages.
  +Added some more bad date selection issue prevention methods in the History window.
  +Added initial support for Exede Evolution reading (still under testing).
  *Fixed some checks for no database in the History window.
  #Improved History window display if there's only one entry and it's within the last minute.
  #Improved host type handling and categorization.

v0.3.1🕝 May 9, 2014
  +Added "This Period" and "Last Period" buttons in place of "30 Days" and "60 Days" respectively in the History window for Exede "reset" style accounts.
  +Added a Monospace font test method in case of issues with DefaultMonospace.
  *Fixed a bug when a BETA update is available.

v0.3🕒 April 24, 2014
  +Added Invert Numbers menu item to Main Graph context menu.
  #Changed version display to hide build and revision numbers if they're 0.
  #Changed Maximum bar to be semitransparent when painted over graph lines.
  #Changed status display just before connection time.
  -Removed 100%+ dotted pattern on graph due to transparency drawing bug for Exede History graphs.

v0.2.5🕞 April 11, 2014
  +Added bandwidth alert feature to notify on excessive usage.
  +Added new cross-platform alert window with customizable styles.
  +Added F1 shortcut to FAQ page.
  +Added User Panel link for Remote Usage Service users.
  +Added whitespace stripper to Config E-Mail and Password pasting.
  +Completely new code using C# and Gtk interface.
  *Fixed DishNet login due to page name change.
  *Fixed Exede over-limit numbers.
  *Fixed quite a few bugs all over the place.
  *Fixed WildBlue/Exede login bug.
  #Improved DataBase load speed.
  #Moved main usage components and some other classes into an external Library.
  #Moved sorting of the Log to any time the Log is saved while adding a new row.
  #Changed all links to use short URL.

v0.2.4.1🕓 October 6, 2013
  +Added E-Mail address handling.
  *Fixed "Buy More" usage math and parsing issues.
  *Fixed some minor bugs.

v0.2.4🕟 September 22, 2013
  +Save Account Type to Settings.
  +New Graph Color Customization window.
  +Added context menu to main graphs to quickly customize colors or refresh your usage.
  +Added Error Message Check to WildBlue post-Login page requests.
  +Added animated ellipses when busy.
  +Added 5 minute wait to startup request.
  +New Error Logging system to keep track of failures.
  +Added "Check for Updates" button.
  +Added Update window.
  +Added under 70% check to disable "Slowed" display.
  +Added auto-minimize to KDE.
  +New attempted fonts for main screen.
  *Fixed two Exede graphing bugs, one aesthetic, one mathematical.
  *Fixed bug when refresh occurs while connection is already active.
  *Fixed a bug with the History window age parameters.
  *Fixed some timing display issues.
  *Forced single instance.
  *Improved some display issues.
  #Updated Logger Service account type determination.
  #Improved Account Type detection.
  #Improved graphing code.
  #Changed functionality of Tray icon for KDE and Mac users.

v0.2.3.5🕔 July 16, 2013
  +Added Free/Over numbers to Tray tooltip.
  +Added links to About window to useful pages.
  +Added ranged sync for Remote Usage Service users to speed up update.
  +Added timeout double-check to prevent getting stuck while logging in.
  +Added backup to history saving to prevent data loss.
  +Added tooltips to About window.
  *Fixed Save button still disabled after typing in a timeout or proxy port.
  *Fixed an error that could occur if doing a database reload twice in a row.
  *Fixed a graphing error in the History window for Exede users.
  *Fixed DishNet logins.
  #Made Refresh button always enabled.

v0.2.3.4🕠 May 3, 2013
  *Fixed a bug with the timer counting change in prior version. (Forgot to set some Integer values to Long, so they were receiving values too large to store, and had to allow for the possible negative with a signed long).

v0.2.3.3🕕 May 2, 2013
  *Forced update on invalid update times.
  +Added "-nocert" command line parameter to bypass certificate verification.
  #Change to timer counting to prevent 45-day uptime bug.

v0.2.2.2🕡 March 26, 2013
  +Added Topmost and Scale Text menu items to the Main Window's system menu.
  +Added some whirring numbers and filling graph effects for fun.
  +Added a throbber to the Tray icon to display update events when minimized.
  +Added a refresh shortcut to the Tray icon with a Middle Click (mouse wheel click).
  *Forced clean focusing of the window on restore from Tray icon.
  #Improved save time for Remote Usage customers and added an initial synchronization progress display.
  #Changed icon to a Satellite and changed the name to remove any WildBlue branding.

v0.1.6.4🕖 March 11, 2013
  +Addition of DishNet customer logins.
  *Improvements to interaction with the Remote Usage Service.
  *Fixed handling error messages from WildBlue on Exede clients.
  #Improvements in the graph display.
  #Increased the timeout on requests to 3 minutes.

v0.1.6.2🕢 February 12, 2013
  +New database storage method.
  +New settings storage code.
  +New update check code.
  *Various bug fixes and improvements.

v0.1.5.6🕗 December 26, 2012
  +Added RuralPortal Usage not Available error.
  +Added Remote Usage Service support.

v0.1.4.9🕣 December 16, 2012
  +Added BETA version checking.
  +Added unknown page reporting.
  +Added size scaling option.
  *Fixed some RuralPortal bugs.
  *Fixed some other bugs.

v0.1.4.6🕘 December 5, 2012
  +Added support for RuralPortal redistributors.
  +Added History Data directory changing.

v0.1.4🕤 November 20, 2012
  *Fixed a few bugs.
  #Improved startup.

v0.1.3.8🕙 August 8, 2012
  *Fixed new database creation bug.
  #Changed percent font size math.

v0.1.3🕥 May 31, 2012
  +Added support for Exede accounts.
  +Added optional Windows Service to continue logging whenever the computer is running.

v0.1.1.7🕚 February 14, 2012
  +New configuration window.
  +Added ability to alter update interval.
  +Added ability to alter usage accuracy (decimal places in percentage displays).
  #Main window interface changed.
  #Improved error messages.

v0.1.1🕦 January 29, 2012
  *Completely new read system to handle WildBlue changes. Your password is now required to view your usage limits.

v0.1.0.6🕛 November 13, 2011
  +Added automatic update check every two weeks.
  *Fixed a bug in newly introduced XML URL guessing system.
  -Removed some defunct code.

v0.1.0.4🕧 October 12, 2011
  *Bug fixes, including file path issue with new users.

v0.1🕐 May 11, 2011
  #Improved history graph wait display and redraw logic.
  +Added usage display to Tray icon.
  *Prevented redundant code running in a few locations.
  #Converted internet communications to asynchronous events for smoother running.

v0.0.5🕜 December 30, 2010
  #Converted to VB.NET.

v0.0.0.6🕑 September 22, 2010
  /Final VB6 version. All older data lost to time.

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