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Setting up Satellite Restriction Tracker can be a little messy on some distributions of Linux. To help users get SRT installed on their penguin boxes, I've compiled this page of helpful hints.
Satellite Restriction Tracker has only a few requirements, but they're essential to running the program correctly. You need the Mono Framework (at least version 2.8, 2.10 or newer is better if your distro supports it), X11, and a couple other libraries like mono-basic and appindicator-sharp.
The Setup Bash will attempt to download and install these files automatically, but it only works if your distro runs APT or YUM. If you're running something that isn't a derivative of Debian or RedHat (Fedora) such as Slackware or (heaven forbid) Gentoo, you'll need to do this manually.
For reference, here are the common packages and various names they're often found under in common Repositories:
Now for the nitty-gritty. See if you can find your distro below for exact instructions. If you can't, you can ask me for help in the comments section of the download page and I'll add it to the list.

Debian, Ubuntu & Kubuntu, Mint

Supported by the Installer through apt-get.


Supported by the Installer through yum.


These instructions will help you download and compile the sources yourself.

  1. Create a temporary downloads directory, such as: mkdir /downloads
  2. Build LibGDI+
    1. cd /downloads
    2. wget
    3. tar xzf libgdiplus.tar.gz
    4. cd libgdiplus
    5. wget
    6. ./libgdiplus.SlackBuild
    7. cd /tmp
    8. installpkg libgdiplus-VER-ARCH-2_SBo.tgz
  3. Build MONO
    1. cd /downloads
    2. wget
    3. tar xzf mono.tar.gz
    4. cd mono
    5. wget
    6. ./mono.SlackBuild (This takes quite a while)
    7. cd /tmp
    8. installpkg mono-VER-ARCH-1_SBo.tgz
    9. If you're running a 64-bit OS, you may need to make a 32-bit symbolic link:
      ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/
  4. Build GTK#
    1. cd /downloads
    2. wget
    3. tar xzf gtk-sharp.tar.gz
    4. cd gtk-sharp
    5. wget
    6. ./gtk-sharp.SlackBuild
    7. cd /tmp
    8. installpkg gtk-sharp-VER-ARCH-1_SBo.tgz
  5. Build Mono-Basic
    1. cd /downloads
    2. wget
    3. tar xzf mono-basic.tar.gz
    4. cd mono-basic
    5. wget
    6. ./mono-basic.SlackBuild
    7. cd /tmp
    8. installpkg mono-basic-VER-ARCH-1_SBo.tgz
  6. Now you can install Satellite Restriction Tracker through the Installer.


I'll tell you if I ever get it installed. Holy crap this stuff is 90s linux complex.

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