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Download and open "SRT_Setup.dmg", then drag "Satellite Restriction Tracker" into the "Utilities" folder. Click the "Authenticate" button when prompted, then enter your Name and Password. Then eject the SRT installer and delete the SRT DMG file.
Open "Launchpad", click on "Other", and then click on "Satellite Restriction Tracker".
Catalina will warn you that Satellite Restriction Tracker is not signed by Apple. Click "Show in Finder".
Find "Satellite Restriction Tracker" in the list, hold down the Control key and click on it, then click "Open".
Catalina will warn you a second time that Satellite Restriction Tracker is not signed by Apple, but this time with an "Open" button available. Click that new "Open" button.
In order to function, Satellite Restriction Tracker requires permission to access "Finder". Please click the "OK" button to allow Satellite Restriction Tracker to run.
If Mono is not installed, Satellite Restriction Tracker will prompt you to download Mono. Click "Download..." to begin the download.
Make sure macOS is selected and click the "Download Mono" button to begin downloading the Mono framework. Either the Visual Studio channel or the Stable channel will work.
When the Mono framework PKG has finished downloading, run the package and follow the instructions on the screen to install Mono on Catalina.
When prompted, enter your Name and Password to allow the installation of Mono.
After the installation of Mono is complete, click "Close", then "Move to Trash" to delete the Mono PKG file.
Open "Launchpad" and open the "Other" folder, then click on "Satellite Restriction Tracker". The application should now start.

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