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Download and open "SRT_Setup.dmg", then drag "Satellite Restriction Tracker" into the "Utilities" folder. Click the "Authenticate" button when prompted, then enter your Name and Password. Then eject the SRT installer and delete the SRT DMG file.
Open "Launchpad" and find "Satellite Restriction Tracker". Chances are it's on the second page.
Drag "Satellite Restriction Tracker" to the first page and toss it into the "Utilities" folder, where it belongs. Then click on it to run it.
Lion will warn you that Satellite Restriction Tracker was downloaded from the internet. Click "Open".
If Mono is not installed, Satellite Restriction Tracker will prompt you to download Mono. Click "Download..." to begin the download.
The Mono Project website will probably fail to load on classic Safari, so enter a new URL in the address bar: and hit Return. Scroll down to the folder "5.16.1" and click on it.
Click on the "macos-10-universal" folder, then click on the "MonoFramework-MDK" package to download. Note that the two packages listed are actually the same - the package at the bottom of the list always points to the latest version, but in this case there is only one version.
When the Mono framework PKG has finished downloading, run the package and follow the instructions on the screen to install Mono on Lion.
When prompted, enter your Name and Password to allow the installation of Mono.
After the installation of Mono is complete, click "Close", then delete the Mono PKG file.
Open "Launchpad", click on "Utilities", and then click on "Satellite Restriction Tracker". The application should now start.

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