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Satellite internet, as any ViaSat customer knows, is unreliable to say the least. The tracker they provide gives you only your current usage, not your history or what free bandwidth you'll reclaim today. Satellite Restriction Tracker was written as an attempt to improve on the web-based monitor provided by the ISP.
In an attempt to improve yet again, RealityRipple Software has developed the Remote Usage Service option, which automatically retrieves usage data using a remote WebServer rather than your Personal Computer. Usage data is accumulated on the site and then transferred in compressed chunks to your Restriction Tracker at a less frequent interval, saving you bandwidth and giving you a fuller, more complete picture of your usage activity.
If you would like to sign up for this excellent and accurate Usage Monitoring service, please enter your ViaSat account and click the Subscribe button. For a nominal $15.00 per year, your usage will be tracked at fifteen minute intervals and reported back to your Restriction Tracker, keeping you up to date on your usage through any situation. Don't rely on your terrible connection to keep you up to date on its own status. Let the Remote Usage Service help you today!
Before you get started, you can check out an Example Account's User Panel to see a preview of what you can expect from the Remote Usage Service and test your own account's compatibility with the Service.
Join Satellite Restriction Tracker's Remote Usage Service

Please enter the Username you use to log in to your usage meter.
Example: "jsmith", "walter.white".

$15.00/year (USD)

If you were given an E-Mail address such as, simply enter the MyUserName portion as your Username. If your Username is an E-Mail address, enter the entire address as your Username.

Need Help?
Contact RealityRipple Software any time for assistance.

RealityRipple Software is not affiliated with ViaSat, WildBlue, Exede, or any of its resellers.
This service is provided without warranty.
RealityRipple Software is not responsible for your bandwidth usage, or for any overhead incurred from this service (however compressed the data may be, there is always some overhead).
RealityRipple Software is not responsible for any downtime caused by regular updates to the underlying system, including the Web Server, PHP, MySQL, the WildBlue or Exede Website (or its resellers), or any associated technologies or services. RealityRipple Software is also not obligated to provide reimbursement for any downtime.
$15.00 USD per Calendar Year charge applies to all customers as fair charge for running and maintaining the service. Refunds may be requested within sixty (60) days of payment, as per PayPal's terms.
All legal bindings are relegated to local laws of California for services rendered. The service is not bound by the GDPR as it is only available for ViaSat users in the United States of America.
RealityRipple Software will not will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer any provided account data to any other party for any purposes, including but not limited to initiating, or enabling others to initiate, unsolicited E-Mails. Your information will only ever be sent to the Login page you specify to acquire your usage information automatically on your behalf. All information is sent over encrypted channels at all times.
Questions, comments, and cancellation requests may be handled via the RealityRipple Message Boards, E-Mail, or the Bug Tracker system.

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