SecondFactor Release Notes

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In the Next Version

v1.5🕕 Unreleased

Current Version

v1.4.2🕡 January 22, 2021
  *Fixed error caused by account with an empty Secret.

Previous Versions

v1.4.1🕖 March 31, 2020
  +Added Alternate DPI support.

v1.4🕢 February 8, 2020
  +Added backup and restore progress display.
  *Fixed potential issues with account names and case sensitivity.
  *Fixed a handful of little bugs and interface problems.

v1.3🕗 January 20, 2020
  +Added backup feature using AES-256 Zip files.
  *Fixed rename bug when case is the only difference.
  #Changed password-protected profile encryption to use PBKDF2.

v1.2🕣 April 14, 2019
  *Fixed decryption issues.

v1.1🕘 November 1, 2018
  +Added Digital Signature check on program start.
  *Salted encrypted data for improved security.
  #The program will now open to the last used profile.

v1.0🕤 October 20, 2018
  /Initial release.

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