SecondFactor Release Notes

EMERGENCY: RealityRipple Software is in need of assistance! Due to unexpected and major power problems, all project development and technical support is on hold indefinitely. Any donations would be incredibly appreciated at this time.

Did you know that RealityRipple Software is solar-powered software? Since 2003, RealityRipple Software has been run off-grid, relying on independently owned and operated solar panels, batteries, and a backup propane generator, while providing a negative carbon footprint by preserving over 200 acres of untouched forest.
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In the Next Version

v1.5🕢 Unreleased

Current Version

v1.4.2🕗 January 22, 2021
  *Fixed error caused by account with an empty Secret.

Previous Versions

v1.4.1🕣 March 31, 2020
  +Added Alternate DPI support.

v1.4🕘 February 8, 2020
  +Added backup and restore progress display.
  *Fixed potential issues with account names and case sensitivity.
  *Fixed a handful of little bugs and interface problems.

v1.3🕤 January 20, 2020
  +Added backup feature using AES-256 Zip files.
  *Fixed rename bug when case is the only difference.
  #Changed password-protected profile encryption to use PBKDF2.

v1.2🕙 April 14, 2019
  *Fixed decryption issues.

v1.1🕥 November 1, 2018
  +Added Digital Signature check on program start.
  *Salted encrypted data for improved security.
  #The program will now open to the last used profile.

v1.0🕚 October 20, 2018
  /Initial release.

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