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In the Next Version

v3.2🕓 Unreleased
  +Added secondary progress percentage to Progress bar tooltip for detailed information during key events.
  +Added backup and reversion of MUM and SES files modified for Service Pack 1 integration, which prevents the System Update Readiness Tool from being needed (It still shows up in the list, but it runs super-fast and doesn't do anything except say "things are OK". Use a real SP1 ISO from Microsoft to prevent the System Update Readiness Tool from being listed at all).
  +Added Service Pack to ISO Label standards (G[SP1]RMC[...]).
  +Added icons to all the windows and dialogs.
  +Added failure states if reading integrated elements like Features, Drivers, and Updates from an Image Package returns no results.
  +Added the new monthly Update Rollups to detected update types.
  +Added reloading of the x86 WhiteList to the four defaults if it's empty.
  +Added progress for slow Copy events.
  +Added registry settings for Update colors (specifically ones that have unmet requirements, ones that will be superseded by others, and the others that are doing the superseding).
  +Added automatic fix attempt for 0x800F082F errors.
  *Trying new completely custom threaded timer for Header animation.
  *Fixed a lot of displaying and redrawing code regarding ListViews.
  *Prevented reloading of the WIM file when no actual change to the path was made (such as Ctrl+A).
  *Prevented manual resizing of ListView columns and made it all automatic.
  *Fixed a few errors caused by objects being disposed and then accessed due to threading.
  *The Output Console will now display UTF-8 encoded messages, fixing some display issues with special characters.
  *Fixed ISO creation code to support making UEFI-bootable images.
  *Lots of minor bug fixes and code cleanup.
  #Changed the display names of Updates to include the Release Type (such as Update, Hotfix, or Security Update), which is also now included in Update Properties.
  #Improved Image Package Parsing procedure and activity/progress display.
  #Driver tooltip display of Class attribute simplified.
  #Improved Update error prompting system.
  #Updated 7z.dll to 16.04.

Current Version

v3.1🕟 August 25, 2016
  +Added support for reading and changing the displayed Name and Description for Image Packages.
  +Added Architecture column to Image Packages which also changes the sort style for the Name column.
  +Added prerequisites for Internet Explorer 10.
  +Added prerequisite for KB3125574.
  +Added support for missing Integrated Update data when prompting for replacements.
  +Added a notice when an update is the same version and won't be replaced.
  +Added standard extraction event messages to Output.
  +Added multiple possible prerequisite "groups". If there's more than a 10% difference in the number of updates between one group of prerequisites and another, the lower group is not listed in the tooltip information about prerequisites.
  +Added Help buttons to the Config window and the File System selection dialog, the Driver Properties dialog, the Update Properties dialog, and the Image Package Properties dialog with context-sensitive help popups.
  *Fixed Updates List column resize on Update drag-drop event.
  *Prevented clicking on ListView Column Headers when they're Read-Only.
  *Fixed "Mixed Differences" Integrated Update Selection Box code.
  *Fixed some issues with the Move Update(s) Up and Move Update(s) Down context menus.
  *Fixed the Output pop-out messing with the size stored in the settings to prevent forced closures from messing up the expected size of the program on next startup.
  #Did a lot of work on how to handle updates with multiple different versions already integrated or included in the Update List.
  #Improved prerequisite display code to only show requirements that haven't been met (and to check better in more situations).
  #Improved Output window display and added Copy Commands to the context menu.
  #Improved Update comparison code in a number of places.
  #Improved Architecture comparisons.
  -Removed defunct code regarding the Output Console and removing Image Packages.

Previous Versions

v3.0🕔 April 19, 2016
  +Added alert sound on completion feature.
  +Added total progress in Taskbar, which turns red if a Message Dialog is shown.
  +Added display of compression.
  +Added display of which package is being worked on in the final integration.
  +Added Drag and Drop to all Text Boxes with a Browse button.
  +Added output information when Copying, Moving, and Deleting files or folders.
  +Added output information when extracting Service Pack files.
  +Added some horizontal lines to help space out the interface.
  +Added new Output Console pullout dockable window.
  +Added Common Controls 6 reference to manifest.
  +Added support for reading Windows Update Client EXE data and Windows Update Agent packages.
  +Added support for Internet Explorer installer EXEs.
  +Added support for multiple Internet Explorer Language Packs.
  +Added support for dropping whole directories into the Updates list.
  +Added support for Integrated Updates and Drivers as well as Windows Features.
  +Added built-in Update requirement list to let you know when updates need other updates.
  +Added integrated Help system with a few Help buttons here and there.
  +Added Donation nag screen.
  +Added Read ISO checkbox for ISO Label field.
  *Fixed a bug in the Configuration window relating to the Temp directory selection.
  *Fixed a bug in directory cleanup.
  #Improved shutdown, restart, and sleep closure procedures.
  #Improved resizing code when x64 Service Pack entry is available.
  #Improved output append speed.
  #Improved reading support for Internet Explorer Language Packs.
  #Improved total progress display when deleting directories.
  #Improved "Already added to the Update list" detection.
  #Improved resizer and expander elements.
  #Improved activity label display.
  #Changed file action methodology for file deletion and existence checking and folder creation and existence checking.
  #Limited timeout to 24 hours.
  #Changed the tabbing order of the FileSystem selection dialog.
  #Changed the Save/Close buttons in the Configuration window to OK/Cancel buttons.
  #Updated 7z DLL to v15.14.
  #Forced use of system DISM EXE if it exists and is not older than the included version.
  -Removed Tetris easter egg.

v2.3🕠 August 24, 2014
  +Added Service Pack check before integrating Service Pack 1 into selected Packages.
  +Added requirement checks for KB2830477.
  +Added unlocked destination ISO check for Unlock All Editions checkbox.
  +Added asynchronous copy and move functions.
  #Improved total progress calculation and estimation.
  #Put post-merge WIM backup into temp WORK directory to allow for less free space on source WIM drive.

v2.2🕕 July 12, 2014
  +Added a new Resizer between Packages and Updates.
  +Added confirmation dialogs when cancelling or closing while working.
  *Fixed ISO and update extraction after Cancel.
  #Improved new Windows 7 style message dialog buttons with Mnemonics, default selections, and correct labeling (for possible future use).
  #Improved entire interface with Mnemonics for accessibility.
  #Improved update extraction to correctly handle cancelling.
  #A few other minor GUI updates.

v2.1🕡 July 6, 2014
  +Added compression of final WIM to improve file size of WIM, SWMs or ISO(s) (by up to about 2 GB total in many instances).
  #Replaced backslashes with DirectorySeparatorChar constant, just in case.
  -Deleted defunct image count check for Language INI update.
  -Removed trailing zeroes from version string (ex: 2.1 instead of

v2.0🕖 June 28, 2014
  +Added progress bar to extractions by using 7z.dll directly.
  +Added update version comparison and selection dialog for updates with multiple versions.
  +Added asynchronicity to a lot of functions, and a progress bar for temp directory cleanup.
  *Fixed bugs on Windows 8.
  *Fixed possible tooltip display issues with updates that are missing info.
  #Improved progress display throughout the slipstreaming process.
  #Changed dialogs and alerts to Windows 7 style message dialogs.
  #Changed Tools Readme to include all tools.
  #Changed the display of the temp directory selection dialog to say Slips7ream instead of Slipstream.
  -Disabled interface when parsing Image data after selecting main or merge Image to prevent interference of progress display.

v1.6🕢 April 25, 2014
  *Fixed the File Limit list on startup.
  *Fixed a temp directory default folder bug in the Configuration window.
  #Changed settings storage location to Registry.

v1.5.1🕗 April 20, 2014
  +Added "Open Folder" button on completion.
  -Removed File System change on "UEFI Boot" check.
  #Changed "Begin" button to "Rerun" on slipstream completion.
  /Something fun has been added.

v1.5🕣 March 18, 2014
  +Added details to Update List addition failures.
   +Added addition failure for KB2533552 to prevent failure while slipstreaming.
   +Added addition failure for Update Readiness tool.
   +Added warning about KB2647753-v2 (KB2647753-v4 should be used).
  +Added custom context menu for Output consoles, including new "Clear" option.
  +Added tooltip descriptions to title bar.
  +Added setting preservation after update.
  *Fixed some button/Update List display issues when using drag/drop.
  #Improved "Remove Updates" button enable state/response.

v1.4🕘 March 13, 2014
  +Added Title display with current activity and Win7-style animation.
  +Added File System prompt if files larger than 4095 MB are detected when using ISO 9960/Joliet to allow change before ISO creation.
  +Added accessible keyboard interaction to details dropdown.
  +Added Package tooltips for packages that are going to be merged.
  *Fixed a Images/Updates property display bug that could cause a crash.
  *Fixed a potential update failure on the last package.
  #Improved Package tooltip versioning.
  #Changed progress status to force vertical centering when text is too long.

v1.3🕤 December 28, 2013
  +Added UEFI Boot mode option.
  +Added support for Split Windows Images and Multi-Disc ISOs.
  +Added new details dropdown button to fit Windows 7 aesthetics.
  #Improved speed for generating Lang.ini files.
  #Improved some tooltip descriptions.

v1.2🕙 December 1, 2013
  +Added support for Multilingual User Interface Language Pack (*.exe or and Language Interface Pack (*.mlc) files.
  +Added Administrator requirement to application for DISM compatibility.
  *Fixed size parsing issue with locales that use a character other than a comma as the digit grouping separator.
  *Fixed reading Image language list property.
  *Fixed hang if any image is not correctly dismounted by checking for and clearing active Slips7ream mounts.

v1.1🕥 November 17, 2013
  +Added default whitelist for x86-based IE11 components.

v1.0🕚 July 10, 2013
  /Initial release.

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