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v2.4🕖 Unreleased

Current Version

v2.3🕢 August 18, 2021
  +Added Bulk Consent Request support (Import and Export).

Previous Versions

v2.2🕗 August 16, 2021
  *Fixed potential console error (tab missing URI).
  #Changed website matching from full origin to schemelessly same sites, per spec. Any subdomains are now all grouped under their parent domain.

v2.1.2🕣 July 27, 2021
  *Prevented address bar icon from showing on the wrong tab.

v2.1.1🕘 July 25, 2021
  *Prevented a value-comparison error.
  *Prevented errors caused by redefining AdpcEvent in JS from breaking the extension.
  /A warning about overriding AdpcEvent is shown in the Browser Console instead.

v2.1🕤 July 25, 2021
  +Added icon to address bar for sites that use ADPC.
  *Fixed some instances of 'consent' still existing as an empty array.
  #Hardened against tracking by using "*" for JS 'withdraw' value.
  /The 'withdraw' value is now never empty, so previous change to allow it not to exist has been made moot.

v2.0🕙 July 24, 2021
  +Added support for the 'decisionchange' event.
  +Added 'direct-marketing' checkbox and link to GDPR Article 21.
  *JS now always shows the doorhanger rather than having a dialog option.
  *JS now always hides previously selected choices from the UI, and may return immediately if all choices have been made.
  *Renamed '_object' JS property to 'object'.
  #GDPR rules prohibit "always allow", so the 'Default Response' dropdown has been replaced with a 'Reject All' checkbox.
  #If 'consent', 'withdraw', or 'object' are empty, they don't need to exist in the JS return object (or 'decisionchange' event's userDecisions object) at all.

v1.6.1🕥 July 20, 2021
  *Fixed first-use-on-host bugs.

v1.6🕚 July 20, 2021
  +Added JS-triggered doorhanger support.
  *Fixed JS return object access.

v1.5🕦 June 26, 2021
  +Added preference to show or hide site-provided descriptions in single-choice doorhangers, with the default being hide, for potential abuse reasons.
  +Added quote and double-apostrophe stripping for doorhanger text when the above preference is enabled, for potential abuse reasons.
  *Fixed bugs when accessing null gBrowser tabs, and switched to using gBrowser.browsers.
  *Fixed bugs when accessing null document.defaultView.
  *Fixed header-specific doorhanger issue.
  #Clear All now lists number of hosts rather than choices.
  #Major code restructuring.

v1.4🕛 June 25, 2021
  +Added check for default response when deciding which choices to hide in JS-triggered prompt.
  +Added request() parameter verification.
  *Fixed bugs with multiple tabs at the same domain showing doorhanger on wrong tab.
  *Prevented showing doorhangers and prompts in embedded pages (as per spec).
  #Shortened doorhanger wait time.
  #Specific withdraws for JS-triggered prompt.
  #Minor code restructuring.

v1.3🕧 June 24, 2021
  +Added ability to hide selected choices in JS-triggered prompt.
  +Added Clear Choices button for individual hosts.
  *Fixed security issue with waiveXrays.

v1.2🕐 June 24, 2021
  +Added navigator.dataProtectionControl.request() support.

v1.1🕜 June 24, 2021
  +Added ADPC choices list to Options.
  +Added ADPC choices to Page Info's Permissions tab.
  *Fixed shared choices issue.
  *Fixed Clear Choices button.
  #Improved interface size.

v1.0🕑 June 19, 2021
  /Initial release.

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