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In the Next Version

v2.1🕕 Unreleased

Current Version

v2.0🕡 September 20, 2020
  +Select second-to-last cookie is last cookie is deleted.
  *Fixed warning about nsICookieManager's remove function.
  *Fixed post-delete errors caused by not checking if index is beyond count.
  *Moderate code cleanup.

Previous Versions

v1.15🕖 September 11, 2020
  *Rebrand as CookePage.

v1.14🕢 September 2, 2020
  +Added Pale Moon Target.
  -Removed Firefox Target.

v1.13🕗 December 26, 2015
  +Added Firefox 56.0 support.
  *Fixed access window location bug.
  /Final release by original author.

v1.12🕣 December 21, 2013
  +Added Firefox 42.0 support.
  /Previous version was not well configured.

v1.11🕘 December 21, 2013
  +Added Firefox 26.0 support.
  -Removed some legacy files.

v1.10.3🕤 December 2, 2011
  +Added Firefox 9.0 support.

v1.10.1🕙 April 14, 2010
  +Added Firefox 4.0 support.

v1.9.2🕥 January 23, 2010
  +Added Firefox 3.6 support, with help from Wladimir Palant.

v1.9🕚 April 8, 2009
  +Added Firefox 3.5 support.

v1.8🕦 September 25, 2008
  *Show secure cookies.

v1.7🕛 May 30, 2008
  +Added Firefox 3.0 support.

v1.6🕧 October 18, 2006
  +Added support for cookies with dot-domains, e.g.,

v1.5.1🕐 September 30, 2006
  +Added Firefox 2.0 support.

v1.5🕜 November 29, 2005
  +Added a remove all button to remove all cookies from a page with one click.

v1.3🕑 September 21, 2005
  +Added Firefox 1.5 beta 1 support.

v1.2🕝 October 17, 2004
  +Added Firefox 1.0 support.

v1.0🕒 October 7, 2004
  /Initial release.

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