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In the Next Version

v2.3🕢 Unreleased

Current Version

v2.2.7🕗 July 17, 2021
  *Fixed skipping for Atom feeds.
  *Fixed premature request terminations.

Previous Versions

v2.2.6🕣 July 14, 2021
  *Fallback to UTF-8 if Unknown Charset.

v2.2.5🕘 July 14, 2021
  *Fixed charset encoding handling.

v2.2.4🕤 July 8, 2021
  +Added support for Firefox 44 through 50.
  #Skipped parsing of items beyond maximum preference.

v2.2.3🕙 February 5, 2021
  *Reverted previous version for Pale Moon 29.0.1 and newer.

v2.2.2🕥 February 2, 2021
  *Fixed crash on Pale Moon 29 (by breaking something else, I'm sure).

v2.2.1🕚 February 2, 2021
  *Enforced v28.* maximum to prevent crashes on Pale Moon 29.

v2.2🕦 October 4, 2020
  *Fixed always-zero-minutes bug when a custom interval for a bookmark had been set and then returned to default.

v2.1🕛 September 20, 2020
  +Merged LiveClick 1.0.2 changeset.
  +Merged LiveClick 1.0.4 changeset.

v2.0🕧 September 19, 2020
  +Added Pale Moon Target.
  *Rebrand as LiveClick Lunar.
  *Show Site Favicon in Alert if Display Favicons is Enabled.
  *Update newChannel request with principal, security, and policy values.
  -Removed Firefox Target.

v1.0.1🕐 December 31, 2014
  *Restored padding after livemark counters.
  *Updated deprecated code.

v1.0.0🕜 September 30, 2013
  +Added Ctrl+Alt+L keyboard shortcut to check for new items now.
  *Made more compatible with syncing tools and other live bookmark addons.
  *Favicons stored independently of browsing history.
  *Asynchronously set and retrieve livemark favicon data.
  *Use asynchronous isURIVisited instead of isVisited.
  *Use onItemRemoved bookmark observer instead of onBeforeItemRemoved.
  *Hide toolbar livemarks when chevron is open for the first time.
  -Removed support for private browsing.
  -Removed support for live bookmarks in bookmarks sidebar, bookmarks organizer.
  -Removed support for [Ext] Favicon Picker.

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