Open Registry Key Release Notes

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In the Next Version

v1.3🕚 Unreleased

Current Version

v1.2.1🕦 September 20, 2020
  *Minor code cleanup.

Previous Versions

v1.2🕛 September 15, 2020
  *Abandoned Bootstrap (restartless) functionality.

v1.1🕧 September 4, 2020
  *Rebrand as Open Registry Key.

v1.0.1🕐 September 2, 2020
  +Added Pale Moon Target.
  +New Pale Moon/Windows 10 Icons.
  -Remove Firefox and Seamonkey Targets.

v1.0.0🕜 April 1, 2016
  +Use 64 bit version of regedit if present.
  *Fixed getSelection() not working.
  *Fixed case insensitive matching for top-level registry keys.
  /Final release by original author.

v0.2.0🕑 May 9, 2012
  *Fixed extension failure if windows installation directory is other than C:\windows\.
  *Fixed prompt not displaying on invalid keys.

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