In The Dark for Pale Moon (Bloodmoon Edition) Release Notes

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In the Next Version

v33.0🕡 Unreleased

Current Version

v32.0🕖 January 24, 2023
  +Updated to Pale Moon 32.

Previous Versions

v31.0🕢 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

v30.29🕗 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v5.4.2🕣 March 17, 2022
  #Changed version numbering to support Pale Moon 30 exclusively.

v5.4.1🕘 November 28, 2021
  *Minor scale/slider improvements.

v5.4🕤 November 21, 2021
  +New normal, indeterminate, and media Progress Bars using linear gradients.
  +New "small" Progress Bars in toolbars and statusbars.
  +Added Scale (aka Slider) styling.
  *Improved tab styling, with support for bottom, left, and right tabs.
  *Improved Add-on download cancel button style.
  -Revert "Set unstyled Toolbar Button size." due to issues with extensions that use @-moz-document.

v5.3.2🕙 September 10, 2021
  +Added Date and Time input type support.
  #Improved about:home (with Home Styler extension) and about:newTab styling.

v5.3.1🕥 July 19, 2021
  *Raised menu icons by 1 pixel.
  *Unstretched search icon in about:home for Pale Moon 29.3 (with Home Styler extension).

v5.3🕚 May 23, 2021
  +Added Caption button support to video controls.
  +Added override to FireFTP icons.
  *Fixed extra space in buttons with no label text.

v5.2🕦 October 30, 2020
  +Give generic popups a background and border.
  +Add tab audio/mute indicator.
  *Replace icon for an extension that doesn't show up on a black background.
  *Improve customization view of certain elements.
  *Improve toolbar buttons with menus.

v5.1🕛 September 12, 2020
  +Added tentative support for Pale Moon 29.
  +Added Mixed Content padlock.
  +Added icons to elements (mostly menus) from a few more extensions.
  *Improved Mixed Content identity panel.
  *Cleaned up Padlock CSS.
  *Fixed RTL support.
  #Cleaner page SSL security state coloring.

v5.0🕧 July 14, 2020
  +Added new style for Non-Native Extensions.
  #Changed image viewer background checkerboard (Efficient SVG).
  #Set unstyled Toolbar Button size.
  -Removed old FireFTP button size fix.

v4.3b6🕐 February 28, 2020
  +Added graphical All Tabs pane styling.
  +Added fallback graphical Ctrl+Tab styling for Windows 10.
  +Added caption button animation for Windows 10.
  #Made Fullscreen (video) warning semitransparent.
  #Limited notification width.
  -Removed extra tab height from Windows 10.

v4.3b5🕜 September 2, 2019
  +Added "Check for Updates" and "Release Notes" menu icons.
  +Added "Open in a New Private Window" menu icon for bookmarks.
  +Added styling for Responsive Mode.
  #Changed about:home styling: Added custom bloodmoon.
  #Changed multiple Plugin dropdown.
  #Unified styling of dropdown buttons in the Browser window.
  *Fixed dropdown background colors.
  *Fixed styling for notification dropdown buttons.
  *Fixed styling for theme-styled page dropdown and color picking elements.

v4.3b4🕑 April 20, 2019
  +Added full-row hover for Trees and complex lists that use treechildren.
  +Added support for about:serviceworkers.
  +Added support for the requestAutocomplete Demo Window, whatever it is.
  +Added additional menu icons.
  +Added Password Manager favicons.
  *Fixed Update History list coloring.

v4.3b3🕝 August 28, 2018
  *Fixed notifications.
  #Improved some icons.

v4.3b2🕒 August 16, 2018
  +Update for Pale Moon 28.
  *Fixed some missing menu icons.

v4.3b1🕞 May 24, 2018
  +Add filepicker coloring.
  *Corrected icon paradigm.
  *Better source/target arrow elements and removed dropshadows for popup panels.
  *Fixed Click-to-Play plugins notification margin.
  *Better network DevTools icon coloring.
  *Better Address Bar Add-on separator.
  *Preview coloring fixed.
  /Made some preparations for Pale Moon 28.

v4.3a5🕓 May 16, 2018
  /First Bloodmoon Edition

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