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In the Next Version

v1.0.5🕖 Unreleased

Current Version

v1.0.4🕢 July 26, 2007
  #Made the tabs look a bit better.
  *Fixed menu icons that were black (B/I/U and Font smaller/normal/larger).
  +Labeled as "for 3.x" as I plan to make one for Astra (4.x) as well.
  #Changed description.

Previous Versions

  Fixed the Min/Max/Close:
    -Removed extra space.
    *Fixed size and location issues.
  *Fixed some images that weren't saved as grayscale.

v1.0.3🕣 June 29, 2007
  #Redid everything so I don't use other skins as starting points.
  -Removed icons.
  -Removed unnecessary images.
  -Removed animated branding.
  /Lots of changes, I don't want to document them all. We'll just leave it at I rewrote settings.ini manually and got everything the way I want it.

v1.0.2🕘 June 27, 2007
  #Moved List MMC buttons down two pixels and to the left two pixels.
  #Realigned Window MMC buttons to look a little neater.
  *Fixed Disabled button coloring.
  #Changed branding to have Basic and Pro.
  #Changed all buttons to have a 3D effect.
  #Changed Online/Offline/State colors.
  #Changed Tabs to look a bit better.

v1.0.1🕤 June 20, 2007
  +Added gray border around list titles.

v1.0.0🕙 June 19, 2007
  /Initial release.

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