BIZARRE Release Notes


In the Next Version

v32.0🕔 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕠 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕕 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕡 March 19, 2022
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v1.4🕖 November 12, 2021
  +Added minimum and maximum width/height setting.
  +Added full image resetting when size, flip, and rotation are reset.
  +Added full image resetting if the page tries to change the element's id, class, src, width, or height.
  *Fixed size math to pixels, discarding units used by the website.
  *Fixed potential issue on non-html sites by forcing canvas to be created in (X)HTML namespace.
  -Removed support when viewing images directly (for now anyway).

v1.3🕢 July 2, 2021
  *Prevented an error message if Click Target has no Tag name.
  *Fixed crop zoom bug (coded by Stefan Kirchsteiger).

v1.2🕗 September 30, 2020
  +Added horizontal and vertical flip (suggested by Elomir).

v1.1🕣 September 20, 2020
  *Major code cleanup.

v1.0🕘 September 12, 2020
  *Rebrand as BIZARRE.

v0.7🕤 September 4, 2020
  *Rebrand as Image Zoom for Pale Moon.

v0.6.4🕙 September 3, 2020
  +Added Pale Moon Target.
  -Removed Firefox Target.

v0.6.3🕥 May 27, 2013
  *Fixed issue with de-DE locale.
  /Final release by original author.

v0.6🕚 May 26, 2013
  +Added fit to width functionality.
  +Added imaged rotation using mouse gestures (thanks ameboide).
  *Reset button toggles between original and natural size scroll with modifier key (alt by default) to rotate image (thanks ameboide).
  *Status bar messages are turned off by default with option to enable.
  *Fixed mouse zooming bug with 64bit builds of windows.

v0.5.4🕦 April 21, 2013
  +Added back absolute scroll zooming.

v0.5.3🕛 April 18, 2013
  +Added hidden option to disable image zoom status being reported to the statusbar.
  *Fixed horizontal scrolling bug.

v0.5.2🕧 April 3, 2013
  *Compaitiblity updates for recent Mozilla products.

v0.4.6🕐 December 26, 2010
  -Remove addon bar text for Firefox 4.

v0.4.5🕜 December 11, 2010
  +Added Firefox 4.0 support.

v0.4.4🕑 February 9, 2010
  *Fixed issue with de-DE locale.

v0.4.3🕝 February 7, 2010
  +Added Walkthough Landing Page.
  *Updated locales.

v0.4.2🕒 January 7, 2010
  *Internal re-write to reduce Namespace pollution.
  *Minor Bug Fixes in Options dialog.
  *Updated locales.

v0.4.1🕞 January 2, 2010
  +Added Thunderbird 3.0 / Firefox 3.6 support.
  +Added SeaMonkey 2.0 support.
  *macOS minor bug fixes.
  *Revised Image Rotation menu item locations.
  -Removed Global Zoom Options - Now part of Firefox/Thunderbird natively.

v0.4🕓 December 5, 2009
  +Added sq-AL, vi-VN, fi-FI, and ga-IE locales.
  +Added Image Rotate Functions - Firefox Only.
  -Removed support for Flock, Netscape, SeaMonkey, and Mozilla

v0.3.1🕟 March 12, 2008
  +Added toggle Image Fit/Reset function.
  +Added a warning if the global zoom value is not set to the default 100%.
  +Added Firefox 3.0 support.
  *Fixed double menu bug.
  #Minor updates to global zoom behaviour.

v0.3🕔 April 21, 2007
  +Added uk-UA, ro-RO, sv-SE, be-BY, fi-FI, hr-HR, pl-PL, and sk-SK locales.
  +Added the option for absolute scroll zooming.
  *Modified hu-HU, it-IT, and ja-JP locales.
  *Modified how globalZoom settings are stored. The default value is no longer set in the options screen but the value you select from the menu is stored for future sessions.
  *Fix incompatibility bug with the flash embedded object.
  *Made 'autoFit Images' visible by default.

v0.2.7🕠 July 24, 2006
  +Added zh-CN, pt-BR, ru-RU, mk-MK, nl-NL, and he-IL locales.
  +Added localised extension descriptions where possible.
  +Added show zoom value in context menu of currently zoomed image.
  *Fixed conflict with autoscroll. Image Zoom will now override autoscroll only when applicable.

v0.2.6🕕 May 20, 2006
  +Added tr-TR locale.
  +Added Netscape 8.1 support.
  *Fixed conflict with Answers extension.
  *Fixed bug with 'Zoom with Text'. When resetting text size to 100% images did not get set to 100%.

v0.2.5🕡 April 17, 2006
  +Added autofit function. Set imagezoom.showAutoFitInMenu in about:config to true to see this value in the main image zoom menu.
  *Fixed bug with default image zoom for page, eg if set to 120% it wouldn't work.
  *Fixed bug with status bar text updating.
  *Fixed conflicts with AIO Gestures, Mouse Gestures and Smooth Scroll.
  #Changed 'Zoom with Text' command key for English locale to be \ instead of Z. This was conflicting with the 'undo' command key.

v0.2.4🕖 January 19, 2006
  +Added ko-KR, es-ES, es-AR, and it-IT locales.

v0.2.3🕢 January 7, 2006
  +Added hu-HU and cs-CZ locales.
  +Added Netscape and SeaMonkey compatibility.
  *Fixed compatibility issues with Mouse Gestures.

v0.2.2🕗 December 30, 2005
  +New Feature (Hidden in this version): Added two new scroll zoom modes available in about:config as 'imagezoom.scrollZoomMode'.
  *Scroll Zooming logic changed to try to address the problems with scrolling and zooming.

v0.2.1🕣 November 9, 2005
  -Remove constantly apearing install dialog under certain conditions.
  -Remove Firefox slowdown for default page Zoom value of 100%. Slowdown will still exists for page zoom values other than 100%. Especially on pages with lots of images. It's just CPU intensive to change the style attributes of images in Firefox.

v0.2🕘 October 31, 2005
  +Added fr-FR, ja-JP, sl-SI, zh-TW and de-DE locales.
  +Added Image Fit and Image Reset by mouse actions.
  +Added Image Zoom on View Menu to zoom all images on a page.
  +Added ability to customize which mouse buttons to use (in about:config for this release).
  +Added ability to change direction of mouse scroll for zooming (in about:config for this release).
  *Fixed RMB+Scroll Zooming more compatible with other extensions.
  *Scroll zooming now works with zoom factors more independent of the operating system settings for the mouse.
  *Scroll zooming adjustments for more intuitive feel.

v0.1.7🕤 October 25, 2004
  +Added RMB+scroll zooming (Right mouse button + mouse wheel scrolling).

v0.1.6🕙 July 27, 2004
  *Fixed bug with preferences for Mozilla.

v0.1.5🕥 July 8, 2004
  *Adjusted internals for the Image Fit Function to display better.

v0.1.4🕚 July 6, 2004
  *Fixed minor bugs with zooming functions for rare CSS styles.

v0.1.3🕦 July 6, 2004
  +Added option to autocenter when using image fit function.
  *Changed image zooming functions to handle all types of CSS styles.
  *Slightly modified Menu Item captions.

v0.1.2🕛 July 4, 2004
  +Added support for earlier versions of Firefox and Mozilla. Have tested with Firefox 0.8 and Mozilla 1.7.

v0.1.1🕧 July 3, 2004
  *Behaviour is now more acceptable when combined with Firefox default image zooming function - Thanks Brian King

v0.1🕐 July 1, 2004
  /Initial release.

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