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v32.0🕠 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕕 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕡 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕖 March 19, 2022
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v2.6🕢 December 7, 2021
  +Added "File Access Denied", "CSP Blocked", "Corrupted Content (v2)", and "Inadequate Security" error messages.
  *Updated "netOffline" and "nssFailure (2)" messages.
  *Fixed "Security Override" in Pale Moon, if it ever ends up being used instead of certError.
  *Fixed non-English locales.

v2.5🕗 March 1, 2021
  +Added Basilisk support.
  *Code cleanup.

v2.4🕣 July 2, 2019
  *Changed icon and background for Pale Moon.

v2.3🕘 April 2, 2019
  +Added new Status button that navigates to
  *Interface improvements on desktop and mobile.
  *Error message support improvements.

v2.2🕤 September 18, 2018
  *Improved namespacing to prevent issues with ES6.
  *Fixed missing uk-UA locale reference.

v2.1🕙 August 16, 2018
  *Support Pale Moon 28.

v2.0🕥 January 16, 2018
  +New GUID.

v1.6.2🕚 December 10, 2017
  +Added AdBlock Browser target application entry.

v1.6.1🕦 November 24, 2017
  *Fixed white-spacing of network error text.
  -Removed pointless empty image element.

v1.6🕛 October 25, 2017
  #Changed update system to use my own website instead of relying on AMO.

v1.5🕧 April 7, 2015
  +Added PaleMoon target application entry.
  +Added Public Domain notice to source files.
  *Upped version compatibility numbers.
  *Improved Firefox for Android compatibility.

v1.4🕐 June 20, 2014
  +Updated for latest builds of Firefox.

v1.3.20130808🕜 August 8, 2013
  *Fixed a disabled Stop Reload button bug in the latest nightlies.

v1.1.20120731🕑 July 31, 2012
  *Fixed a warning.
  +Added local localizations for Back, Reload, and Search (some localizations may not be completely correct at the moment).
  /I forget what all else...

v1.0.20120717🕝 July 17, 2012
  +Updated for Android Firefox.

v1.0.20101216🕒 December 16, 2010
  #Just a version comaptibility update.

v1.0.20101204🕞 December 4, 2010
  +Added full support for SeaMonkey and Fennec.
  #Changed icons to fit new 48x48 and 64x64 standards.
  *Fixed some minor bugs.
  +Added locales for Portugese (Portugal) and Ukrainian. Thank you

v0.9.20101126🕓 November 26, 2010
  #Changed icons to 64x64.

v0.9.20101001.1🕟 October 1, 2010
  *Fixed an error caused by a changed entity name in Firefox 4 (netError.longDesc).

v0.8.1🕔 January 14, 2010
  +Added locales for Danish, Spanish (Spain), French, Macedonian, Dutch, and Turkish. Thank you
  +Added a half second pause in the Go Online code to make sure it's caught by the handler.

v0.8🕠 October 11, 2009
  +Added locales for German, Polish, Portugese (Brazilian), Russian, and Chinese (Simplified). Thank you
  #Minor code sanitization.

v0.7.1🕕 May 28, 2009
  *Fixed Security Exception feature that was broken by wrapping it in an object.

v0.7🕡 May 2, 2009
  *Fixed opacity of main box to not use deprecated -moz-opacity.
  +Updated for Firefox 3.5.
  #Wrapped all variables and functions into an object to prevent conflicts.
  +Added automatic reload after ten seconds for the following error types:
  * Can't connect to this address
  * Can't find this server
  * The connection was reset
  * The connection timed out
  * The proxy server can't be found
  * The proxy server is refusing connections

v0.6🕖 June 11, 2008
  +Added support for newer errors in Firefox 3.
  +Added Security Certificate options.
  -Removed custom favicon to prevent favicon changes in bookmarks.

v0.5🕢 May 17, 2008
  +Upgraded version to allow 1.5 to 3.0.
  #Removed all image files and put image data into xhtml file.
  +Added language support using the built in languages, so that whatever language FF is using will be used in Fierr. The Go Online button has not yet been localized.
  +Added Go Online button to display when working offline as per Mr. Carlyle-Clarke's suggestion.
  -Removed button customizations as per Mr. Moses's suggestion. I'll let the theme take care of it.

v0.4🕗 March 6, 2008
  +Added button customization.
  +Added button icons.
  #Changed favicon.
  #Changed extension icon.

v0.3🕣 December 6, 2007
  *Fixed reloading of URLs with pound (#) symbols.
  +Added transparency to the info box.

v0.2🕘 November 21, 2007
  *Updated for Firefox 3.

v0.1🕤 September 25, 2007
  /Initial release.

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