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In the Next Version

v32.0🕡 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕖 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕢 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕗 March 19, 2022
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v2.7.1🕣 December 7, 2020
  *Minor code cleanup to hide a console warning.

v2.7🕘 November 20, 2020
  *Fixed sending of quick reply Forum Post Style.
  *Fixed selection of dark mode Forum Post Style.
  *Minor code cleanup.

v2.6🕤 September 20, 2020
  +Added difference between topics and posts in format application checkboxes.
  +Added "Sprinkles" and "Paw" post styles.
  +Inserted "Post Style" DIV in dark mode.
  *Improved "Already Formatted" detection.
  *Improved special formatting tag collision detection.
  *Fixed overzealous lookahead for special formatting.
  *Moderate code cleanup.

v2.5🕙 August 28, 2018
  +Added Ukrainian localization.
  *Improved namespacing to prevent issues with ES6.

v2.4🕥 August 16, 2018
  *Support Pale Moon 28.

v2.3🕚 April 5, 2018
  *Fixed Quick Reply style selection positioning.

v2.2🕦 March 27, 2018
  *Corrected icon paradigm.

v2.1🕛 February 24, 2018
  +Added support for new post styles.
  *Fixed Options button on web pages.

v2.0🕧 January 16, 2018
  +New GUID.

v1.2🕐 October 25, 2017
  #Changed update system to use my own website instead of relying on AMO.
  *Fixed compatibility with HTTPS version of website.
  #Allowed extra formatting in Private Messages.

v1.1🕜 May 11, 2016
  *Fixed some Options window functionality issues with older versions of Firefox.
  *Fixed an issue with Firefox 44 and above due to the variable scope js change.

v1.0.2🕑 August 3, 2015
  *Fixed bug when removing a Formatting Profile.
  *Fixed bug that prevented Extra Formatting entry fields from being disabled when no Extra Formatting Profile is selected.

v1.0🕝 April 7, 2015
  +Added PaleMoon target application entry.
  +Added Public Domain notice to source files.
  #Upped version compatibility numbers.

v0.9.20131011🕒 October 11, 2013
  +Added multiple Format profile system. The Disable Formatting checkbox has been replaced with a dropdown list of formats.
  +Added Options button to change GaiaFormat settings.

v0.8.3.20120611🕞 June 11, 2012
  +Added some missing locale data.
  +Added Swedish locales.

v0.8.3.20120526🕓 May 26, 2012
  #Changed all settings to be part of the extensions group.
  +Added synchronization of settings through Firefox Sync.

v0.8.20110422🕟 August 20, 2011
  *Fixed regression with formatting within tags.
  +Added notification about issues with square bracket usage.

v0.7.20101216🕔 December 16, 2010
  #Just a version compatibility update.

v0.7.20101117🕠 November 17, 2010
  #Consolidated Firefox 1.5 and 2.0+ versions.
  +Added default Forum Post Style application to Quick Replies.

v0.6.1.20101001🕕 October 1, 2010
  *Changed Disable Formatting checkbox margin.
  +Added locales for Serbian. Thank you

v0.6🕡 May 1, 2010
  *Fixed URI encoding error, which caused percent signs (and possibly other characters) to break formatting.
  -Removed temporary error handler dialog.
  *Fixed Mac issues by converting options dialog into a normal window.

v0.5.2🕖 January 14, 2010
  *Rewrote parsing system to handle quote blocks correctly.
  +Added locales for Turkish. Thank you

v0.5.1🕢 December 20, 2009
  *Changed default formatting to comply with Gaia Online's Terms of Service (no off-site advertising).

v0.5🕗 October 26, 2009
  +Added Import/Export feature.
  +Added Dutch, Portugese (Brazillian), and Chinese (Simplified) locales.
  +Added support for new Quick Reply feature.

v0.4🕣 October 1, 2009
  +Added support for SeaMonkey.
  #Changed styling and position of Disable Formatting checkboxes.
  +Added Extra Formatting feature.

v0.3🕘 May 2, 2009
  -Removed annoying alert when unable to insert checkbox.
  #Changed preference names internally to be easier to understand.
  +Updated for Firefox 3.5.
  #Wrapped all variables and functions into an object to prevent conflicts.

v0.2🕤 May 17, 2008
  *Fixed formatting for new Private Message system.
  *Fixed some issues with the display of the Disable Formatting checkbox.

v0.1🕙 October 6, 2008
  /Initial release.

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