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In the Next Version

v32.0🕠 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕕 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕡 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕖 March 19, 2022
  +Added check for body object before scanning page.
  *Fixed timeout clearing.
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v1.1🕢 July 23, 2021
  +Added blank page detection after 10 seconds.
  /The error page for a blank page may include a relevant console excerpt.
  / - Time can be adjusted using "extensions.hterr.blankwait" (0 - 60).
  / - Setting the value to 0 disables this feature.
  *Fixed buttons not disabling themselves when clicked.

v1.0🕗 July 2, 2021
  /Initial release.
  +Added Basilisk support.
  +Added HTTP Error 518.
  *Caught an error when the response code can't be read (aborted requests).

v1.0b2🕣 November 1, 2020
  +Added redirection case to tab URL comparison.
  #Limited tab URL comparison to pending tabs.

v1.0b1🕘 September 30, 2020
  /Initial beta release.

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