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In the Next Version

v32.0🕡 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕖 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕢 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕗 March 19, 2022
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v28.3🕣 September 20, 2020
  *Prevent less than 1s reload time.
  *Moderate code cleanup.

v28.2🕘 September 5, 2020
  *Rebrand as ReloadRepeat.

v28.1🕤 September 3, 2020
  +Added Pale Moon Target.
  #Moved prefs to "extensions.reloadevery." for clean compatibility. Added defaults, too.
  -Removed Firefox Target.

v28.0.45🕙 March 12, 2016
  +Added Firefox 45.0 support.
  *Updated debug logging, include load flags.
  /Final release by original author.
  /Note that the official version was 45.0.0; the version 28.0.45 was selected to prevent contiguity problems with the Pale Moon release history.

v28.0.2🕥 March 29, 2014
  *Fix locales. Now ReloadEvery also works for when you use Firefox in another language.
  *Add em:type to install.rdf as requested by reviewers.
  #Store extension not in jar file anymore.

v28.0.0🕚 March 29, 2014
  +Added Firefox 28.0 support.
  +Now you can auto enable reload every on newly openend tabs and at startup by enabling "Auto Enable New Tab"
  *Update debug logging. Old logging does not work anymore since FF 24.

v17.0.0🕦 Decmber 22, 2012
  +Added Firefox 17.0 support.
  +Ability to always enable reloadevery at startup (patch by Mike Gabriel). This can be set by setting the variable reloadevery.reload_new_tabs in about:config to true.
  *Get prefs from default branch (patch by Mike Gabriel).

v13.0.0🕛 June 2, 2012
  +Added Firefox 13.0 support.

v10.0.0🕧 February 8, 2012
  +Added Firefox 10.0 support.

v7.0.0🕐 October 3, 2011
  +Added Firefox 7.0 support.

v6.0.0🕜 August 16, 2011
  +Added Firefox 6.0 support.

v5.0.0🕑 June 22, 2011
  +Added Firefox 5.0 support.

v4.0.3🕝 April 18, 2011
  +Save the state of the Randomize option.

v4.0.2🕒 February 17, 2011
  +Added Firefox 4.0 support.

v4.0.1🕞 November 13, 2010
  +Added Firefox 4.0b7 support.
  *Make ReloadEvery work in tab context menu of Firefox 4.0.
  -Remove dropdown from reload button of toolbar. This does not work anymore in Firefox 4.0 as it became part of the URL bar. You can access ReloadEvery still from the context menu of the page.

v4.0.0🕓 July 17, 2010
  +Added Firefox 4.0b1 support.

v3.6.3🕟 April 3, 2010
  +Added SeaMonkey support.
  #Enable debugging by prefs key.

v3.6.2🕔 December 9, 2009
  *Added the randomize string to other locales.

v3.6.1🕠 December 6, 2009
  +Implemented a randomize feature. When enabled reloadEvery will load the page between 50% earlier or later. So for a reload time of 10 seconds it will be between 5 and 15 seconds.

v3.6.0🕕 December 5, 2009
  +Added Firefox 3.6 support.

v3.5.1🕡 August 15, 2009
  *Rewrote extension using namespaces. This should reduce possible incompatibilities with other extensions.

v3.5.0🕖 June 16, 2009
  +Added Firefox 3.5 support.

v3.0.0🕢 Feburary 17, 2007
  +Added Firefox 3.0 support.

v2.0🕗 September 9, 2006
  +Added Firefox 2.0 support.
  +Added sk-SK and zh-TW locales.

v1.5.1🕣 February 20, 2006
  +Added some extra locales.
  *Reloading now returns again to the position of the page you were viewing.

v1.5🕘 November 22, 2005
  +Added Firefox 1.5 support.
  -Dropped support for Mozilla suite.

v0.6.1🕤 May 12, 2005
  *Fixes a bug that made Firefox crash.
  #ReloadEvery now keeps on being enabled even if the URL changes.

v0.6🕙 May 12, 2005
  +Added zh-CN and cs-CS locales.
  +Added "Reload Every" option as a dropdown button to the reload button to access ReloadEvery.

v0.5🕥 November 23, 2004
  +Added fr-FR, de-DE, and pt-PT locales.
  *Reload all tabs now works.

v0.4🕚 November 14, 2004
  +Added Firefox 1.0 support.
  +Added nl-NL locale (thanks to Gert-Paul van der Beek).
  *Pages now reloads at the same scroll position.
  *Referrer URL is resent every time.

v0.3.2🕦 July 10, 2004
  +Added Firefox 0.9.2 support.

v0.3.1🕛 June 16, 2004
  +Added Firefox 1.2 support.
  +Added it-IT locale.

v0.3🕧 June 16, 2004
  +Added Firefox 0.9 support.

v0.2🕐 February 14, 2004
  +Added custom setting for reload time.
  +Added possibility to enable/disable ReloadEvery on all tabs.
  *Changed dialog which warns you when you try to enable ReloadEvery on a Web page, which contains POSTDATA.
  *ReloadEvery is now fully internationalizable.

v0.1🕜 December 5, 2003
  /Initial release.

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