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Version 31.0 [Release Notes] rss
Released May 10, 2022
Scanned by VirusTotal: ☣️ 62 scanners think this file is clean.
Last Updated: 21-Sep-2022 (UTC)

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Supports Pale Moon [31.0 - 31.*].

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If you need to convert a snippet of text to a QR code to scan with your phone or other device, just select the text, right click, and hit "qrThis"!
qrThis is free for use or modification without limitation. However, it comes with no license, warranty, or guarantee of any kind. That being said, you can still ask any questions in the Comments section below, or contact me directly for assistance.


Dec 16 2021, 3:53 PM
 Saw your comment on the forum. Just want to point out this only has PM GUID.
What do you get if you multiply two by nine?

Nov 22 2021, 11:07 AM
 Would be more useful if it could capture the url behind links rather than the title. I tried pasting a url into a textarea box but qrThis wasn't present in the context menu. I could put the url in my own local html page but that is a bit of a reach.
What do you get if you multiply two by nine?

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What do you get if you multiply two by nine?

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