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In the Next Version

v32.0🕕 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕡 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕖 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕢 March 19, 2022
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v1.7🕗 November 1, 2021
  +Added mobile page support - uTube and muTube can now work together!
  *Fixed error check timer clearing.
  #Skipping redirects is now more advanced.

v1.6🕣 September 29, 2021
  +Redirects no longer store original URL in history.

v1.5🕘 September 23, 2021
  +Added autoplay preference.

v1.4🕤 July 22, 2021
  +Added fallback to standard YouTube page on error.
  +Added support for "feature=emb_imp_woyt" parameter to visit standard YouTube page.

v1.3🕙 July 22, 2021
  +Added preferences to control hosted usage (only available through about:config).
  /extensions.utube.hosted lets you toggle between a hosted page or direct embedding (if you value privacy over functionality).
  /extensions.utube.hostedURL if you want to host your own copy of "play.html" or use someone else's (again, for privacy sake).
  / - You can get the source code to the hosted page at https://realityripple.com/Software/XUL/uTube/play.html.txt.

v1.2🕥 July 21, 2021
  *Fixed loading with no aRequest value.

v1.1🕚 July 21, 2021
  *Fixed some videos by using hosted page instead of direct embed URL.

v1.0🕦 July 21, 2021
  /Initial release.

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