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If you want to remove all the junk from Gaia Online, check out this AdBlock Plus filter list.
The GaiaOnline Cleaner blocks all the advertisements, announcement notices, offers, sales, pointless menus, tiered spending bars, and other annoyances that have ruined the Gaia Online experience.
Every item is clearly labeled so you can toggle the filters you want and create the perfect browsing experience for you.
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If you want to change the header image to your own custom background instead of being assailed by Gaia's constant ads there, too, try using Pale Moon's "userContent.css" feature:

#gaia_header {
 background: url(file:///C:/path/to/image.jpg) top left / cover no-repeat !important;
#gaia_header .header_content {
 background-image: none !important;

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