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Released September 14, 2022
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Supports OBS Studio and HTML5-compatible Video files.

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A user-controlled video player for Twitch.TV, using chat commands, message contents, cheers, or channel point redeems.
There are instructions for configuring VidYuh in the comments at the top of the HTML file. Please read them carefully before using. An OAuth key with "chat:read" and "channel:read:redemptions" permissions is required. You may manually enter a token or log in through your Broadcasting software through the "interact" feature.
An advanced shared queue system lets you group queues by different names. The "cfg.queue" entry contains three values: "group" which defines a shared name for the group of different instances of VidYuh.HTML; "idx" which is a numerical index, unique to each HTML file copy; and "count" which counts the total number of HTML files that share one "group" value.

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Donation Support:
Streamlabs Tip Support Requires manual white-listing. Please contact me first.
🚀 StreamElements Tip Support Not Available - Please use your JWT Token instead.

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