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Mar 28, 7:13 PM
 Could you use the original screenshot instead of a very small picture? It would help out a lot.
How many times can three go into six evenly?

Feb 9, 9:36 PM
 Does this conflict with Fierr or is it different?
How many times can three go into six evenly?

Feb 9, 11:41 PM
 It's entirely different; doesn't use the built in netError system, only its CSS.
 This extension literally just inserts body data into a 4xx or 5xx HTTP response using the 'http-on-examine-response' event of the Observer service. That means the error page you get from this extension is just a regular webpage according to the browser, and even the MIME type can't be altered, so if the empty HTTP error has a content-type of text/plain for whatever reason, the error has to be plain text instead of a webpage too, or it'll just show you the page's source code.
 It's more of a stop-gap measure for sites that send HTTP errors but no accompanying HTML data, so they don't display a blank page, rather than a true error handler.
How many times can three go into six evenly?

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How many times can three go into six evenly?

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