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IT Programming

Professional Programmer with experience in application and web development from system utilities to Mozilla Firefox add-ons. Over a decade of experience as an application developer with Object-Oriented and Text-Based history. Experience in website development and hypertext language standards for nearly a decade. One-man team for the job, willing to learn on his own time if it's required for project completion.

Technical Skills

Platforms:DOS, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7, Virtual Machines (VMWare and MS Virtual PC), and Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Mandriva/Knoppix Linux.
Languages:C/C++, CSS, ActionScript, HTML/XHTML, Java/Javascript, PHP, PowerBASIC 8, MySQL, SQLite, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.NET, XUL
Tools:Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Paint, The GIMP, Dev-C++, Microsoft Visual Studio 6, Microsoft Visual Studio 10, HTML Help Workshop, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Flash 7/8/CS3/CS4, Inkscape, PowerBASIC 8
Protocols:FTP, HTTP, UDP, TCP/IP, BNCS (SID/MCP/UDP), Fast understanding of virtually any Binary or Text protocol.

Professional Experience


Imagin8 Photography

  • Website development and maintenance
  • Custom Control Panel written from the ground up
  • PHP and MySQL based upload system


  • Website development and maintenance
  • Wordpress theme
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Freelance application development in HTML, PHP, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic.NET, and VMWare.
  • Awarded the rank of Top Coder, ranked in the 97th percentile.
  • Rated a 9.96/10 by buyers with over thirty completed jobs.
Technician2005 - 2009

Perry Medical Transcription

  • Server maintenance, FTP and client technical support, hardware installation.
  • Built the current server entirely.
  • Installed components in old server.
  • Application troubleshooting, including WS_FTP Server, Telescriber Admin, and networking.

MV Plastering

  • Template development
  • JavaScript-based Image Showcase
Webmaster2006 - Present

Nipomo Housing

  • Website development
  • Adobe Flash interactive slideshows
Owner2003 - Present


  • Freeware development, ranging from ActiveX Components and utilities to media players and communication applications
  • Mozilla Firefox Extensions and Themes
  • Adobe Flash animation
  • Website Development

Education and Training

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