Mouse Manager

by RealityRipple Software

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 Version 1.3 [Release Notes]
 Released April 29, 2015

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Mouse Manager is a small tray icon-based utility which lets you quickly and easily set the fourth and fifth buttons on a 4-or-5-Button or tilt wheel mouse to any key or key combination you choose.

Designed for games, Mouse Manager lets you emulate keyboard commands with the click of a mouse button. A profile system lets you quickly choose between previously created key emulations through the tray icon menu.
Mouse Manager will detect clicks from the fourth and fifth mouse button (tested on IdeaZon Reaper Edge Laser gaming 5-button mouse and Logitech m325 using the tilt wheel) and emulate the repeated pressing of keyboard keys. For example, in Sid Mieir's Civilization IV you can set the Fourth button to {ENTER} and the Fifth to {SHIFT}, allowing you to queue commands holding down the Fifth button while clicking commands, and using the Fourth to quickly end your turn, letting you play with advanced commands without a keyboard.
Multiple keys may be sent at the same time, allowing you to quickly send complicated keyboard shortcuts with a single click.

Want to assign profiles to specific applications? Try Advanced Mouse Manager


Jan 22 2017 10:29 AM
How can I set Prt Scr to my button ? When I press Prt Scr button it won't apply it.
Jan 20 2017 11:09 AM
For some reason I couldn't get it to run on Windows start up on my fresh W10. It's a good program, just wish it did a little more. For example this is only for 5 button mice but 6 button mice are common (pressing down on the scroll wheel activates the 6th button). Another useful thing would be the ability to set a "shift + Mouse button" macro.
Dec 30 2016 7:30 AM
Simply open Mouse Manager (it may hide itself in the tray next to the clock when it starts up), click on the Profiles tab, and add a new profile. Enter new values for Extra Button 1 and Extra Button 2 and save the profile changes. When you want the profile enabled, you can use the Tray icon's right-click menu or open this interface up again and check the checkbox next to the profile you want to use. Please make sure that the Enable Mouse Manager checkbox in the Settings tab is also checked when you wish to use a profile.

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