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In the Next Version

v32.0🕢 Unreleased

Current Version

v31.0🕗 May 10, 2022
  +Updated to Pale Moon 31.

Previous Versions

v30.29🕣 March 29, 2022
  +Support Pale Moon 29 a little longer.

v30.0🕘 March 19, 2022
  -Drop support for everything except Pale Moon 30.

v3.0🕤 September 20, 2020
  *Minor code cleanup.

v2.8🕙 July 15, 2020
  *REALLY fixed issue with simultaneous display of windows.

v2.7🕥 July 2, 2019
  *Changed icon.

v2.6🕚 January 23, 2019
  *Fixed issue with simultaneous display of windows (for example clicking on two external-application links before the browser has loaded).
  #Minor internal code improvements.

v2.5🕦 August 28, 2018
  *Improved namespacing to prevent issues with ES6.

v2.4🕛 August 18, 2018
  *Custom about: pages fixed.
  #Minor internal code improvements.

v2.3🕧 August 16, 2018
  *Support Pale Moon 28.

v2.2🕐 March 27, 2018
  *Corrected icon paradigm.

v2.1🕜 January 24, 2018
  *Fixed new Product Name hiding Private Browsing notice in Title.

v2.0🕑 January 17, 2018
  +New GUID.
  +Added Private Browsing support.
  +Added default Vendors as well as new Prefixes and animal names.
  -Removed About dialog settings.
  -Removed User Agent settings.

v1.8.0🕝 May 16, 2007
  /Final release by original author.

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