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Released September 15, 2022
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Last Updated: 22-Sep-2022 (UTC)

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Supports OBS Studio.

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A home-made emote wall for Twitch.TV, supporting animated Twitch emotes, BetterTTV, FrankerFaceZ, 7TV, and Emojis! Kappagen command and event triggers are also available, with advanced configuration capabilities.
You may either use the configuration wizard or download the emote wall directly and make changes in your favorite text editor. The emote wall supports a range of customized animation styles, as well as kappagens which can be triggered by a myriad of events, custom commands, or even channel point redeems.
To update the emote wall, you can use the wizard below and import your old HTML file's preferences while also receiving a new OAuth Token.

Config Wizard:

Please authenticate your account on Twitch. The wizard will then help you configure the Emote Wall and provide a convenient download when complete. After you download the completed file, please add it to your Broadcasting software as a browser layer.

🧙Config Wizard
Authorize on Twitch

You may also use the wizard without logging in first. You will be prompted to authorize your Twitch account through the browser layer's "interact" feature.

🧙Config Wizard
Authorize Later


If you don't want to use the wizard, you can configure the Emote Wall manually.

EmoteWall.html: Download (219 KB)

There are instructions for configuring the Emote Wall in the comments at the top of the HTML file. Please read them carefully before using. An OAuth key with "chat:read" and "channel:read:redemptions" permissions is required. You may manually enter a token or log in through your Broadcasting software through the "interact" feature.

Need an OAuth Token?

on Twitch

Donation Support:

Streamlabs Tip Support Requires manual white-listing. Please contact me first.

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