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In the Next Version

v0.5.6🕙 Unreleased

Current Version

v0.5.5🕥 September 15, 2022
  +Added "Throw" emote animation style.
  +Added Mod and VIP tag detection.
  +Added Streamlabs pledge tip support.
  *Switched from BTTV to FFZ for "Default" emote URL.
  *Switched to load event for initialization
  #Improved error display when using the interactive login process.
  #Combined IRC CAP REQ requests and moved them before login.
  -Dropped the body element entirely.

Previous Versions

v0.5.4🕚 August 12, 2022
  *Improved cube rotation.
  *Cleaner lowercase "K" display for "Text" kappagen.
  *Handled default text message as an array for "Text" kappagen (not triggered due to default always being overwritten in current code).
  *Imporved kappa limitation code.
  *Improved "Pyramid" kappa timing.

v0.5.3🕦 July 29, 2022
  +Added specific command aliases for specific kappa animation styles.
  +Added kappa by channel points reward, requiring a new OAuth2 scope (channel:read:redemptions).
  +Added "avoid the middle of the screen" to "Conga" kappa animation style preference.
  +Added emoji existence check to prevent broken image emotes.
  *Fixed some kappa preference and access issues.

v0.5.2🕛 June 27, 2022
  +Added "Spiral" kappa animation style.
  +Added "Conga" kappa animation style.
  +Added "Text" kappa animation style.
  +Added the option to use the tipper's profile image as an emote for third-party tip events preference. (Untested)
  +Added IRC channel response timeout error.
  +Added unique emote counts for each kappagen style and trigger, including using the amount of an item (cheers, raiders, subscriptions, months subscribed) as the count.
  +Added global kappagen cooldown preference.
  *Fixed use of the number 360 for maximums in radian-based angular calculations causing minor direction bias.
  *Improved "Pyramid" and "SmallPyramid" kappa timing.
  *Fixed hanging Streamlabs and StreamElements websockets if any connection failure occurs.
  *Fixed Streamlabs and StreamElements user name check support.
  #Extended transition time to help prevent animation failures.
  #Limited non-square emotes to a maximum dimension and centered them.

v0.5.1.1🕧 May 20, 2022
  *Fixed kappagen being triggered on any Streamlabs event.

v0.5.1🕐 May 20, 2022
  +Added Streamlabs and StreamElements donation event kappagen triggers.
  +Added Artist badge access level.

v0.5🕜 May 15, 2022
  +Added interactive login process.
  +Added "TheCube" rotation speed preference.
  +Added emote size variation preference.
  +Added "use normal emotes" preference to cheer kappagen trigger.
  +Added "use raiding channel's emotes" preference to raid kappagen trigger.
  *Improved varied subscribe events.
  *Tons of small bug fixes.

v0.4.5🕑 April 21, 2022
  +Added checks for bad emote and kappa animation styles.
  *Fixed cheer range detection order to be more efficient.
  *Improved supported types for ranges (undefined and boolean now mean disable event).

v0.4.4🕝 April 21, 2022
  +Added advanced raid, giftbomb, and cheer ranges to config.

v0.4.3🕒 April 12, 2022
  +Added queue to limit emotes displayed on screen at any given time.
  +Added "TheCube" kappa size and random location toggle preferences.

v0.4.2🕞 February 27, 2022
  +Added duplicate maximum limit number rather than a hard toggle.

v0.4.1🕓 February 27, 2022
  +Added new follower detection hack.
  *Fixed IRC user tag whitespace handling.
  #Improved emote disappearance code.
  -Removed multiple kappagen events caused by single giftbomb event, unless giftbomb event is disabled.

v0.4🕟 February 26, 2022
  +Added "SmallPyramid" kappa animation style.
  +Added kappagen command alias list option.

v0.3.3🕔 February 25, 2022
  -Removed "TheCube" kappa off-screen garbage collection (unlike regular "TheCube"s, kappa doesn't move).

v0.3.2🕠 February 17, 2022
  +Added giant "TheCube" kappa animation style.

v0.3.1🕕 February 17, 2022
  +Added "Default" emote URL when a channel has no emotes of its own.

v0.3🕡 February 8, 2022
  +Added BTTV user-specific emote support.

v0.2.8🕖 February 5, 2022
  +Added config corruption detection.
  +Added various initial error displays.

v0.2.7🕢 February 5, 2022
  *Fixed duplicate limiter.
  #Lowered fountain final location off-screen.
  -Removed CR+LF from websocket commands CAP REQ and PONG.
  -Removed will-change CSS property.

v0.2.6🕗 February 1, 2022
  +Added garbage collection.
  *Improved emoji support.

v0.2.5🕣 January 31, 2022
  /All older versions lost to time.

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