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Current Version

v1.3.0April 29, 2015
  +Added "Disabled" option for individual buttons.
  *Prevented button default actions from happening when active.
  -Disabled button hook when Mouse Manager is shown to speed up interface.

Previous Versions

v1.2.0May 16, 2014
  *Fixed enabled state save bug.
  #Moved Registry save locations to not be version sensitive.
  #Changed Profile names in Registry.
  #Moved Donate button to About page.

v1.1.0March 29, 2014
  +Added Donation button.
  +Added disabled Save button when already saved.
  +Added hop to Profiles tab when trying to check Enable Mouse Manager while no profiles exist.
  #Improved Link Label in About tab.
  #Changed tray menu to native theme.

v1.0.3Semptember 2, 2011
  +Added support for the Alt key.

v1.0.1December 24, 2010
  *Fixed a few more bugs.

v1.0.0July 30, 2010
  /First release.

v0.0.5July 2, 2010
  +New key detection methodology.

v0.0.2June 22, 2010
  *Bug fixes.

v0.0.1June 21, 2010
  /First build.

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