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Welcome to RealityRipple Software: quality Open Source Freeware since April 14, 2003.
For the last decade, RealityRipple Software has provided a wide range of free tools, extensions, and applications. Today, over a dozen applications, five Mozilla Extensions, and a handful of themes reside here for you to download and distribute freely. Source code for any application is available, along with clean and simple installers which are digitally signed to ensure they have not been modified.

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News and Site Changes

[August 31, 2016] SSL Certificate Installed

 RealityRipple Software is now a HTTPS-enabled website. If your browser hasn't automatically redirected you, you can visit <> now to see the lack of difference. You may also want to update your bookmarks.
1&1, my web host, is apparently giving all packages one free SSL certificate, so I used it for the domain. Subdomains of the site are not secure, and no changes have been made to the way any programs access (yet), and really there's no purpose in having this site secure, but it does give you a nice green icon or yellow padlock in your browser. Eventually I may slowly migrate subdomains and application-interaction for HTTPS usage, but that will be a slow process, if I ever start.

[August 25, 2016] SLIPS7REAM 3.1 Released

 SLIPS7REAM has been updated with a few important new features. You can now change the Name and Description of an Operating System in the Windows Installer OS list, and there's a new Architecture column in SLIPS7REAM's list of Image Packages. Internet Explorer 10's prerequisites have been added, as have KB3125574's. The Prerequisite system now works a lot better and allows for different groups of requirements in a few instances, listing only the missing requirements for the group with more requirements currently included.
 Major improvements to the Integrated Update system have been made, as well as improvements to the Replace Updates dialog in the case of both newer and older versions being included or alread integrated. Update and Architecture comparison code has also been improved, and the Output console now displays extraction events and includes a Copy Commands context menu item which allows you to copy the selected text without the output data, leaving only the list of commands that were run.
 A few other fixes, including an issue with the Move Update(s) Up and Move Update(s) Down context menus and another with the Output console pop-out height being saved as part of the program's height if the program closes incorrectly were also thrown in to improve the overall experience of SLIPS7REAM. Tell me what you think of it in the Comments section!

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[August 25, 2016] Lime Media Player 0.7 Released

 It seems like it's been forever since I updated Lime Seed, but here we are. This update will be a big change in a lot of areas for users brave enough to experiment with Lime Seed. One of the biggest changes is a move to suggesting K-Lite as your Codec Pack, as it includes FFDShow and a host of other important updates.
 The other changes, to be honest, are too numerous to count, and since Lime Seed is more a sandbox than an end-user product, I don't bother with change logs or an online repository, so finding out what's changed is up to you. Share and Enjoy!

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[August 13-14, 2016] Satellite Restriction Tracker Update and Patch

 Satellite Restriction Tracker's latest release had a small issue which required fixing with a patch (v1.3.601), resolving a couple issues for Linux and OS X users as well as an installer-related issue for Windows users. It also makes some minor improvements to the First-Run Wizard.
 Version 1.3.6 of Satellite Restriction Tracker has been released today, with an all new TLS Proxy feature which should help all of you Linux, OS X, Windows XP, and Windows Vista users on Exede. Hopefully this will be a short-term measure for Linux and Mac, but it should suffice for now. There's also a few other little fixes for the User Interface as well as some little problems in the code. Also, OS X wasn't sending User Agent data for POST messages, for a MONO-related reason, so I fixed that too.
 In the next version, the User Agent will include the version of MONO or .NET Framework beyond 4.6 (such as 4.6.1 or 4.6.2) as a subset of the CLR version. This probably doesn't matter to anyone, but it will improve the User Statistics page's accuracy.

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