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Welcome to RealityRipple Software: quality Open Source Freeware since April 14, 2003.

For the last decade, RealityRipple Software has provided a wide range of free tools, extensions, and applications. Today, over a dozen applications, five Mozilla Extensions, and a handful of themes reside here for you to download and distribute freely. Source code for most applications are free to browse or clone, along with clean and simple installers which are digitally signed to ensure they have not been modified.

If you need help with your computer, RealityRipple Software can help you out there as well! See the PC Repair section for details.

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Popular Products

You may enjoy these products, many of my other users did!

🌐Mouse Manager This small and popular utility is designed for one purpose: to let you set the Fourth and Fifth Buttons on your mouse to any keyboard key or series of keys you choose. A simple Tray icon provides access to multiple profiles, letting you select which key commands you want to use with your mouse with a couple clicks. Mouse Manager has been downloaded 49,184 times.

🌐Satellite Restriction Tracker Monitors your WildBlue or Exede account's Internet meter, providing a historical graph and warning notifications about excessive increases in usage numbers. Satellite Restriction Tracker has been downloaded 2,966 times.

🌐Random BackGround This simple application provides the ability to change the background image of your desktop automatically. While newer versions of Windows include this "Slideshow" feature, Random BackGround provides different settings which can be used even on these modern Operating Systems, such as a maximum scale limit and the ability to choose between unique images on each screen. Random BackGround has been downloaded 2,857 times.

🌐Border Cursors These cursors are designed to be minimalist and keep the mouse from blocking what's behind it. They come in a variety of colors with normal, large, and extra large sizes for each. Border Cursors has been downloaded 1,892 times.

🌐Slips7ream This DISM interface will help you package and update your Windows 7 installation without the hassle of the command line. Slips7ream has been downloaded 1,707 times.

News and Site Changes

🕙 February 10, 2018  Satellite Restriction Tracker 1.4.23 Released

 Time for yet another update to Satellite Restriction Tracker! This latest version fixes a couple issues with Exede and a problem with Dish. It also improves some behind-the-scenes work, so update today!

🌐Learn More about
Satellite Restriction Tracker

🕥 January 18, 2018  Mouse Manager and Advanced Mouse Manager 1.5 Released

 There was a registry-related issue in Mouse Manager and Advanced Mouse Manager v1.4 which has now been corrected. Sorry about that, folks! Everything should be back to normal now. Mouse Manager now also includes a little link to the Advanced version on the Settings tab. Nothing obtrusive, but I figured it might help spread awareness of the superior features found in Advanced Mouse Manager.
 Speaking of, I am now accepting payment for Advanced Mouse Manager in Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and Zcash. If the SegWit-activated Bitcoin manages to get its fees in check, I'll add it as well, but for now a ten dollar fee for a five dollar program seems pointless.
 Thanks to the users who reported the latest issue!

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Mouse Manager

🕚 January 16, 2018  Mozilla Extensions Updated

 New versions of all my Mozilla Extensions have been released, mostly for internal standardization reasons, but a few "new" Extensions have also been added. In particular, updated ports of Track Package and Firesomething have been released for Pale Moon. While I did not write these extensions originally, I found both of them to be important add-ons for Firefox, and missed their functionality. Both have undergone some extensive changes along the way, with cleaner interfaces and stricter standards. Check them out today!

🌐Visit the Mozilla Extensions Page

Recent Comments

🌐Mouse Manager 💬 48 Comments

RealityRipple    Feb 19, 11:00 PM
 What keys are you using? Just tested SC2 with no issue.

William    Feb 19, 10:50 PM
 It works for some applications (Notepad, Thunderbird, browsers, etc), but not the ones I need (Starcraft 2). Any idea why? I tried other similar apps, and I get the very same issue with all of them. Using windows 7 Ultimate.

🌐In The Dark for Pale Moon 💬 2 Comments

me, again.    Feb 13, 2:43 AM
 Scratch that about the text color in the search box. When I type it turns white. It is just the current search setting that is gray. I still hate gray but I can live with that.

me, again.    Feb 13, 2:40 AM
 Best theme I've found. I wish I could change the grey text in the search box to white, and the grey icons to white or some bright colors. I really hate gray. But, still, best I've found.

🌐ExtExp 💬 4 Comments

Trapper    Feb 11, 2:13 AM
 Hi Andrew

 Yes, you're right, Basilisk uses Firefox's GUID... not like FF will be needing it anymore after this summer when they finish committing suicide. lol

 I tried mucking around in install.rdf & the chrome folder, trying to make them work in Basilisk, but failed miserably. I'll leave it to the pros, if you're so inclined.

 I suspect a lot of people will use both Pale Moon & Basilisk together... at least those who refuse to follow the chrome lemmings over the cliff.

 Thanks again.

RealityRipple    Feb 10, 9:52 PM
 From my research, it looks like Basilisk uses the same GUID as Firefox, which makes things very... annoying. I'll see what I can do, though.

Trapper    Feb 9, 10:19 PM

 Love your small Pale Moon Extensions... so handy & useful. Would you consider upping the max version to FF 56 so they can be compatible with the Basilisk browser (from the Pale Moon devs)? Thanks

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