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 Welcome to RealityRipple Software: quality Open Source Freeware since April 14, 2003.
 For the last decade, RealityRipple Software has provided a wide range of free tools, extensions, and applications. Today, over a dozen applications, five Mozilla Extensions, and a handful of themes reside here for you to download and distribute freely. Source code for any application is available, along with clean and simple installers which are digitally signed to ensure they have not been modified.
 If you need help with your computer, RealityRipple Software can help you out there as well! See the PC Repair section for details.

Popular Products

You may enjoy these products, many of my other users did!

Satellite Restriction Tracker   Monitors your WildBlue or Exede account's Internet meter, providing a historical graph and warning notifications about excessive increases in usage numbers.

Mouse Manager   A small tray icon-based utility which lets you quickly and easily set the fourth and fifth buttons on a 4-or-5-Button or tilt wheel mouse to any key or key combination you choose.

SLIPS7REAM   This DISM interface will help you package and update your Windows 7 installation without the hassle of the command line.

Random BackGround   Slideshow tool for Windows 95 and above with features to rival Windows 7.

SettingSanity   Disable Images, JavaScript, and the tab bar in Firefox.

Fierr   Replaces the default Firefox error page with a useful, visually appealing page.

News and Site Changes

[March 21, 2017] Preparing Satellite Restriction Tracker 1.4 and SLIPS7REAM 3.2

 Satellite Restriction Tracker 1.4 is nearing completion, with included support for the "" Exede reseller domain, improved "Slowed" and "Free" state detection, improved graphing code, improved error messages, and improved Network Security settings.
 Changes also include improved use of red usage numbers with descriptive tooltips about why the number is red and a new right-click menu for the Remote Usage Service Product Key. For Linux users, the installation, uninstallation, and upgrade processes have been greatly improved, including an app icon for better icon sizing and universal use of the Application link rather than calling MONO directly for consistency. There was also a bug in the History export system on MONO which was fixed, and just in case GTK and GLib aren't installed, they've been included in the installer as well.
 I've also fixed a regression with the RuralPortal notification about changing your password, which can often be bypassed, but wasn't being. It's also opened up the option to retrieve feedback about login HTML data with the user's consent without stopping the login procedure, which is improving with "Slowed" and "Free" state detection.

Learn More about Satellite Restriction Tracker

 SLIPS7REAM 3.2 has been in the works for many months now, and is reaching completion slowly but surely. This release will include changes to practically every part of SLIPS7REAM, including support for monthly Update Rollups, more instantly-accessible information about updates and image packages, more details regarding progress, improved support for UEFI, and integration of Drivers into the Boot WIM.
 The progress bar now contains a second percentage, further breaking down activities that take a long period of time (if possble). The total progress bar also slowly increments based on the progress bar's state for smoother changes and a clearer picture of how far along in the process the program is. The actual process of parsing an Image Package has been improved, as has the display of its progress.

Learn More about SLIPS7REAM

 The release date on these products has not yet been determined, however you can check out the latest changes of Satellite Restriction Tracker by joining the BETA program through the Configuration window. Please note that BETA versions often have issues, so back up your usage data before trying it out!

[February 28, 2017] Satellite Restriction Tracker 1.3.8 Released

 I've just included support for Exede Business accounts using the provider "", so if you use Exede Business, Satellite Restriction Tracker is ready for you!
 There's also a slight change to the graphing code which I may continue to tweak over the next few versions. Also, the Tray icon's animation looks a little better now.

Learn More about Satellite Restriction Tracker

[January 17, 2017] PHP Updated to 7.1

 PHP 7.1 has been released, so I'm using that. Unfortunately, it dropped support for Rijndael-256 which I happen to like, so I had to write my own for some server-side reasons, but otherwise it's been a helpful upgrade, and has made me fix a few small issues I hadn't noticed. I've also updated the Bug Tracker to MantisBT 2.0 and upgraded all the databases, so everything should be as quick and smooth as possible.
 If you run into any trouble, please let me know through the comment system. Unless the comment system is broken. I hope it's not broken.

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