Tired of the same old styles? Want to stop bothering with the interface and get back to the work? Enjoy making people think there's something wrong with your computer? Then try out some of these themes!

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Border Cursors

These cursors are designed to be minimalist and keep the mouse from blocking what's behind it. They come in a variety of colors with normal, large, and extra large sizes for each.
 1,197 Downloads, 5 Stars
Supports Windows.

Visit the "Border Cursors" Page

In The Dark

This entirely grayscale theme is available for multiple interfaces, bringing darkness to your screen.
 660 Downloads, 5 Stars
Supports Mozilla Firefox, Trillian 3, Trillian 4, Trillian 5, and Windows XP.

Visit the "In The Dark" Page


The sound scheme that will confuse strangers and annoy your friends! Warped and panned versions of the standard Windows 7 sounds for your listening pleasure.
 396 Downloads, No Stars
Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Visit the "Syst3m" Page

Script File Icons

Icons for a variety of text file types, such as .html, .php, .rdf, and .svg.
 281 Downloads, No Stars
Supports Windows.

Visit the "Script File Icons" Page


A sound scheme for Windows XP using entirely original tones.
 280 Downloads, No Stars
Supports Windows XP.

Visit the "RippleSounds" Page

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