Development Tools

Here's a bunch of tools which are probably of little use to anyone other than computer programmers and tinkerers. They're mostly here so I don't have to go anywhere else to find them.

🌐AdBlock++   Consolidate your AdBlock filters into a single list. This is especially useful for mobile users.

🌐MinerState   Check multiple cryptocurrency mining pool statuses all at once. Currently supports NiceHash, ViaBTC, and Pool.Gold.

🌐IP to Time Zone Conversion   Determine the time zone of any IP address.

🌐Base64 Conversion   Convert to and from Base64. Supports both text and files.

🌐QR Code Generator   Quickly convert information to a QR code. This tool does not create images.

🌐Gaia Online Cleaner   Custom AdBlock Blocklist to clean up's interface.

🌐Luhn Verification   Generate, verify, and apply the Luhn algorithm. Useful for testing things like credit card numbers, IMEI numbers, and various national identification numbers.

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