RealityRipple Software Privacy Policy

Okay, so here's the lowdown. RealityRipple Software has no interest whatsoever in your personal information. The only cookie this website uses is to save the Style you select, if you select one. However, there are other, third-party features this site uses which may automatically collect and store more data than that.

If you sign up for a service or purchase a product provided by RealityRipple Software which directly or inadvertently results in the reception and possible storage of one or more of your E-Mail addresses for identification, contact, or other functional or communicative purposes, RealityRipple Software will not will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer such addresses to any other party for any purposes, including but not limited to initiating, or enabling others to initiate, unsolicited E-Mails. (U.S. Code § 7704)

RealityRipple Software employs the use of Google Analytics and Google AdSense. These tools both use cookies to identify users across sites to provide a consistent experience directed at you. For more information, see the Google Privacy Policy. You can turn off targeted avertising on the Google Ads Settings page.

Product pages on this site also include an AddThis widget which allows you to share products quickly with your friends and family using Social Media. AddThis uses cookies to show you the Social Networks which you are most likely to use. For more information, see the AddThis Privacy Policy.

If you do not wish to allow these third-party cookies to track and assist you, you can choose to disable these features. Simply click the "Opt Out" button below to be taken to the Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice page, where you can select which companies you want to allow or block cookies from. Both Google and AddThis claim that they will respect your changes.

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You can also enable the Do Not Track feature in your web browser. This website will automatically prevent Google Analytics and AddThis from being included in the pages you load. If your browser does not have a DNT feature, add a bug report or talk to the developer about adding it.

If you attempt to access unauthorized parts of this website, however, your IP address and an access log of your activity on this site may be sent to your service provider or host, potentially over insecure channels. This is done to try to lower the number of infected devices worldwide. If you do not want your information being shared in this fashion, please do not get yourself banned.

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