RealityRipple Software Privacy Policy

First Party Data Collection

Okay, so here's the lowdown. RealityRipple Software has no interest whatsoever in your personal information. The only cookie this website uses is to save the Style you select, if you select one.

If you sign up for a service or purchase a product provided by RealityRipple Software which directly or inadvertently results in the reception and possible storage of one or more of your E-Mail addresses for identification, contact, or other functional or communicative purposes, RealityRipple Software will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer such addresses to any other party for any purposes, including but not limited to initiating, or enabling others to initiate, unsolicited E-Mails. (U.S. Code § 7704)

Should you decide to leave a comment on the message board, any data you submit will be stored indefinitely in the comment history. If you use a Gravatar account in the process of posting a comment, your E-Mail address will be stored in place of a username, and your Gravatar-provided image and name will be displayed on this website. If you do not wish for this to happen, do not use your Gravatar E-Mail address as a username. None of this data will be used for anything other than functional display of your provided comment.

Votes for products include a hash of the voter's IP address to prevent multiple votes from a single user. This hash will be stored indefinitely, but will not be used for any purpose other than ensuring a unique vote is cast.

All data collected by RealityRipple Software in the manners specified above will be used only for the exact purposes provided. Data is not collated or shared; a "profile" of your usage is not created. Your activities may be monitored by way of Apache Web Logs, containing your IP address and the pages of this website which you visit. This data is not permanently stored or shared except under the provisions listed under the "Data Privacy Exemption" clause below.

The GDPR and Your Personal Data

The comment and vote system on this website do not collect enough information to identify any user. I can't even tell if the same person posts two comments under the same name. The comment system only prevents users from posting with the RealityRipple name, it doesn't make accounts or store IP addresses or create cookies or anything that could be used to identify a commenter. Likewise, the voting system only stores hashes of IP addresses to prevent users from voting multiple times. A user can comment and vote on the same page and the system will have no way of identifying that it was the same person doing both tasks.

Because the systems on this website are so simple, there is no need to request permission for attaining personal data, because no personal data is collected within the scope of the existing system.

However, if you do contact me directly or indirectly through E-Mail, sms, or telephone, that information may be considered personal. In such a case, the information will not be stored permanently in any form. It may be temporarily stored in order to facilitate assistance to you, or to improve the software through direct debugging or similar methods. I may also retain contact details depending on specific circumstances (such as requests for future information about the support subject or providing vital information about existing products or services). Your information and communications will not be shared with third parties without your consent, except in extreme circumstances such as legal proceedings or extreme technical failure on the part of another company such as an Internet Service Provider, webserver host, or directly involved technical industry, usually under the provisions listed under the "Data Privacy Exemption" clause below. The shared information may be enough for these agencies to contact you in regard to the issue at hand.

Since RealityRipple Software does not collect enough data to truly identify a user in their interaction on this website, there is no way to provide you with a collection of your submitted data, nor to erase your data. You can't be forgotten, as you were never known. Unless you directly contact me, you are essentially anonymous.

Third Party Data Collection

RealityRipple Software does not employ any third-party scripts in the main website. Third party images such as favicons and Gravatar images may be loaded directly from an external server. Consult your browser's settings if you want to prevent such elements from being loaded, or of being capable of storing information on your local browser.

Pages which collect financial information, such as donation and purchase pages, may contain third-party elements or scripts for security reasons. A notice with a link to relevant privacy policies will be displayed where appropriate. The scripts are designed for the purpose of collecting your financial information through only one server, rather than having it be relayed between multiple locations. Please make sure you read these policies fully before making your purchase, as your financial and personal information will be in their hands, not mine. Your billing address will be required for card verification, and will be sent to your card issuer. It will also be stored, for reference in case of disputes, by either PayPal or Stripe, and may be accessed by RealityRipple Software. Your billing information will not be shared with anyone else for any purposes except as described in the relevant terms and agreements for the selected payment method.

Data Privacy Exemption

If you attempt to access unauthorized parts of this website, your IP address and an access log of your activity on this site may be sent to your service provider or host, potentially over insecure channels. This is done to try to lower the number of infected devices worldwide. The information included in such a report may include your IP address, the date and time of your visit, the exact addresses you requested, and potentially any comments you might have tried to send, should they be found to include spam or other abusive material. If you do not want your information being shared in this fashion, please do not get yourself banned.

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