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In the Next Version

v0.9🕐 Unreleased

Current Version

v0.8.3🕜 February 20, 2018
  +Added vertical scrolling to forecast.
  #Changed titlebar links to a dropdown list to allow for a thinner pane.

Previous Versions

v0.8.2🕑 February 19, 2018
  *Fixed display of today's high when the time is between noon and 7 PM to show one hour in the future instead of mid-day.

v0.8.1🕝 February 18, 2018
  *Fixed statusbar forecast display when missing the day's high and/or low.

v0.8🕒 February 18, 2018
  *Fixed forecast offset.

v0.7.1🕞 February 17, 2018
  *Fixed conditions display issue.
  *Fixed refresh time display issue in Options.
  #Lowered minimum refresh time to 30 minutes.

v0.7🕓 February 14, 2018
  +Added geolocation server selection to Options.
  #Disabled location options when loading geolocation from server.

v0.6🕟 February 10, 2018
  +Added detailed forecast tooltip data.
  +Added support for future and past solar and lunar statuses.
  *Fixed conditions display issue.
  #Changed tooltip display to be more compact and clean.

v0.5🕔 February 1, 2018
  +Added option to choose the number of days forecasted.
  +Added Coordinate-based location with GeoIP lookup.

v0.4🕠 January 31, 2018
  +Added extra lunar phase functionality.
  *Localized almost all strings.
  *Fixed Metric unit selection.
  #Hid Snow, Ice, and Warnings in ToolTip if currently "None".
  #Changed wind speed to miles per hour instead of knots for U.S. Standard units.

v0.3🕕 January 26, 2018
  +Added Statusbar option.
  +Added Current Conditions icon dropshadow.
  *Fixed Sun and Moon toggling.
  *Fixed timeout when already complete.

v0.2🕡 January 26, 2018
  +Added Sun and Moon Stats option for security reasons.
  *Fixed loading of Warnings.

v0.1🕖 January 25, 2018
  /Initial release.

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