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Feb 8, 10:05 AM
 Nice to be the first one to comment about this add-on. It only add an about-button next every add-on in your list and that can be convieniant. I can not live with the "New Chrome-Firefox" so I am using the "old" FF 52.6 (or 7)->ESR<- for ever en ever till it dies :-) Intelligent readers do understand this :-)So I am moving to PaleMoon but this wil take many weeks to get al the "nice old customizations" working again. Maybe, the "old Firefox" / PaleMoon e.o. has a few minor disadvantages, hm.. it it 0,2 sec. slower yeahyeah..,sometimes use more memory, eso.. but experienced users needs lot of customizations to obtain many more features.. I hope that developers understand this..

What do you get if you multiply one by seven?

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What do you get if you multiply one by seven?

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