Satellite Restriction Tracker

by RealityRipple Software

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 Version 1.3.53 [Release Notes]
 Released June 30, 2016

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Satellite Restriction Tracker (formerly WildBlue Bandwidth Monitor) for WildBlue and Exede Internet customers: Log and graph your bandwidth usage, keep track of your limit.

The Satellite Restriction Tracker program automatically grabs and stores your current bandwidth usage every fifteen minutes, showing only a small logo in your system tray while running.
When you open the program, you'll see a graph of your current usage, as well as the hard numbers and the time the usage was grabbed. Opening the History window will let you list your usage given all past data, displaying it in easy-to-read graphs or grid representations, helping you map out your bandwidth usage and estimate when your usage values will drop. The graphs can be customized and the program's features are all easily changed from a helpful Configuration window, which also allows you to set up alerts when your usage climbs too fast.
Satellite Restriction Tracker's History window also lets you export data in either XML or CSV formats, so you can view your history through spreadsheet applications or other tools, or to help you send your usage data to your provider or other users. You can also backup and restore your entire history using the custom Satellite Restriction Tracker ".wb" format.
This utility should function correctly with any ViaSat account, including Exede, WildBlue, RuralPortal, and DishNet accounts. Updates are provided regularly to ensure you always have access to your usage data.

Frequently Asked QuestionsLinux VersionMac OS VersionRemote Usage Service

Windows XP and Vista users: Your Operating System is too old to support Exede logins. If you use Exede, you will need to sign up for the Remote Usage Service to continue checking your usage. You should probably consider upgrading to Windows 7. For more details, search for "Windows XP TLS 1.2".


Jul 19 2016 4:32 PM
I'm trying to write a proxy-like system using my website's server to send the TLS requests, but I can't be certain it will work... For now, your best bet on Linux, Mac, and Windows XP/Vista is the Remote Usage Service.
Jul 18 2016 11:49 PM
Any news on a fix for Linux / Exede users?
Jul 17 2016 2:28 PM
Changed setting on Network Tab, up and working now, Thanks

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