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Sep 23, 12:04 AM
 If you wouldn't mind, what was the problem? I can include it in the error message.
Sep 22, 2:36 PM
 I got it to work. Please disregard my previous message. Thanks.
Sep 22, 10:55 AM
 I just got a new computer. I downloaded srt, but when I try to log-in, I get this error message: "Could not connect to your dns. Check your firewall and internet connection." I'm online and I turned my firewall off. I still couldn't log-in. I have Dish. Thanks.
Aug 21, 9:04 PM
 I've installed the new version. Dish is always changing things. Thanks again.
Aug 21, 7:12 PM
 Alright, I've pushed up v1.4.172, which should "fail correctly" in the event the usage can't be read. I'll keep looking into why exactly that issue occurs, but I'm pretty sure it's just a Dish thing...
Aug 21, 3:52 PM
 Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it.
Aug 21, 3:49 PM
 OK....I did what you asked. I don't mind doing whatever it takes to solve the problem. I really like SRT. Thanks!
Aug 21, 3:48 PM
 Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the secondary system is getting the same "ATTRIBUTE ERROR E11" message in place of a number for the Any Time value, so it looks like the meter is just being "spotty". I'll add some code to prevent this problem from displaying as a "0", though, as it should simply fail to update the usage. You may want to try sending usage requests less often (say every hour or two) to see if that improves the issue. I'll get a new version out to fix the "0" thing ASAP, though. Sorry again!
Aug 21, 3:16 PM
 Ah, it's the old "ATTRIBUTE ERROR E11" message. If you wouldn't mind doing the same thing again (downloading the installer at the same location and updating SRT with it [new version should be v1.4.171.2], running it and clicking the notice), I can see if there's some issue with the secondary meter reading code which is used when that error shows up...
 Sorry to make you do this twice, I didn't expect it to be using the fallback code.
Aug 21, 2:58 PM
 I downloaded the new version. When I refreshed it, anytime usage was 0%. A little box appeared asking me to click on it, and my usage information would be sent to the server. If you find the problem, please let me know. Thanks for your help.
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