In The Dark for Pale Moon

by RealityRipple Software

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Released October 29, 2017
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Supports Pale Moon [25.0a1pre - 28.*]
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In The Dark for Pale Moon is currently under development. If you'd like to try out the latest Alpha version, it should work fine for now. I use it as my primary browser theme, personally, and make changes when I notice something bugs me. I'm also going back through the changes made during the "Darkness" phase, to make sure everything is in line with the In The Dark anti-aesthetic.

If you run into any problems using this Alpha version, please add a comment below. I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. I'd particularly like to know about any incompatibilities with popular extensions, and any areas where text is unreadable. Thanks for your assistance and patience!


me, again.
Feb 13, 2:40 AM
 Best theme I've found. I wish I could change the grey text in the search box to white, and the grey icons to white or some bright colors. I really hate gray. But, still, best I've found.

How many times can five go into fifteen evenly?

me, again.
Feb 13, 2:43 AM
 Scratch that about the text color in the search box. When I type it turns white. It is just the current search setting that is gray. I still hate gray but I can live with that.

How many times can five go into fifteen evenly?

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How many times can five go into fifteen evenly?

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