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Jul 2, 3:24 PM
 The point of Mouse Manager is to replace proprietary programs like Synapse. There are likely API conflicts because of both programs trying to hook into the mouse at the same time.
Jul 2, 6:40 AM
 Mouse manager doesnt coƶperate with Razer's synapse (my orbweaver chroma) and every time I press a button (thats not mapped to a numpad button) i get a pop up and the input gets ignored.
Apr 8, 2:14 PM
 I'm afraid Mouse Manager and Advanced Mouse Manager only have the option to emulate keyboard keys, not mouse buttons.
Mar 30, 7:11 AM
 How do i map "extra button1" to "double click" action?
"Ziro Hidashe"
Feb 6, 9:37 PM
 You can't actually change around the mouse buttons. This is more of a keyboard button manager as I see it. All I want is to invert my mouse 5 and mouse 4 buttons.
Jan 26, 12:06 AM
 JD: Please make sure the program isn't in the hidden system tray icons if you can't find it, or if you get a specific error message, please let me know. The mouse wheel is known as the third mouse button, not the sixth, and is already commonly used in many applications and games, so I was reticent to include it in this program, particularly because it's supposed to be simple.
 Timmy: The Print Screen key uses more memory on a keypress than any other key. Mouse Manager repeats keys at regular intervals when you hold the button down. It also may lock up the mouse or the system if it takes too long to respond. For this reason, I decided the Print Screen key would be too unstable for regular use. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Jan 22, 10:29 AM
 How can I set Prt Scr to my button ? When I press Prt Scr button it won't apply it.
Jan 20, 11:09 AM
 For some reason I couldn't get it to run on Windows start up on my fresh W10. It's a good program, just wish it did a little more. For example this is only for 5 button mice but 6 button mice are common (pressing down on the scroll wheel activates the 6th button). Another useful thing would be the ability to set a "shift + Mouse button" macro.
Dec 30 2016, 7:30 AM
 Simply open Mouse Manager (it may hide itself in the tray next to the clock when it starts up), click on the Profiles tab, and add a new profile. Enter new values for Extra Button 1 and Extra Button 2 and save the profile changes. When you want the profile enabled, you can use the Tray icon's right-click menu or open this interface up again and check the checkbox next to the profile you want to use. Please make sure that the Enable Mouse Manager checkbox in the Settings tab is also checked when you wish to use a profile.
Dec 25 2016, 3:04 PM
 I can't figure out how to use this to reprogram my mouse buttons. Is there a README file?
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