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by RealityRipple Software

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 Version 1.3.2 [Release Notes]
 Released May 22, 2017

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Advanced Mouse Manager is a small tray icon-based utility which lets you quickly and easily assign the extra buttons on a 5-Button Mouse in any program to any key or key combination you choose.

Designed for games, Advanced Mouse Manager lets you send keyboard commands with the click of a mouse button. A profile system lets you choose keyboard key combinations for an application (or all applications).

Advanced Mouse Manager will detect clicks from the fourth and fifth mouse button and emulate the repeated pressing of keyboard keys. For example, if you select Sid Mieir's Civilization, you can set the Fourth button to {ENTER} and the Fifth to {SHIFT}, allowing you to queue commands holding down the Fifth button while clicking commands, and using the Fourth to quickly end your turn, letting you play with advanced commands without a keyboard.

Multiple keys may be sent at the same time, allowing you to quickly send complicated keyboard shortcuts with a single click. Advanced Mouse Manager will list any applications you've recently used, as well as applications that are currently running, or select a program by its location. You can also rename a program by clicking on the icon next to the selection dropdown. Multiple profiles for one program are allowed, but only one will be enabled at a time.

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Looking for Translators: If anyone is interested in providing an interface translation in exchange for a free license of Advanced Mouse Manager, please contact me.

Current Translations:
• English: Available!
• Deutsch: Available! (Needs help from a native German)
• Suomi: Available! (Needs a final proofing)


Mar 24, 12:32 PM
I'm afraid Mouse Manager and Advanced Mouse Manager only have the option to emulate keyboard keys, not launch applications.
Mar 21, 3:10 PM
I am looking for a program that will make my wheel tilt open my magnify program.

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