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May 3, 10:14 AM
 Next time the error shows up, can you try to get more information from the error dialog? And if you've noticed any common factors or events in when the program hangs, that might be helpful, too... You mentioned reinstalling fixes it - do you clear and redo your configuration each time or just install over the top of the previous version with no changes? Does the program work if you start it up again without re-installing or does it immediately crash again?
May 2, 9:40 PM
 Also, we're on
May 2, 9:39 PM
 I'm using the most current version and running Windows 8.1. Takes a few weeks for the error to show up. "Program has stopped working, windows can search for a solution.....yada yada"
Apr 30, 2:48 AM
 Which version are you using and what provider are you connecting through? It would also be helpful to know what Operating System you use.
Apr 29, 5:26 PM
 Every few weeks SRT stops working. Gives an error message that it's stopperd working and I have to reinstall it. Is SRT setup with a time-limit?
Apr 20, 2:22 AM
 The v1.4.1 update fixed the problem. Thanks for the quick response.
Apr 19, 10:41 PM
 Alright, try v1.4.1, the problem should be resolved.
Apr 19, 6:20 PM
 Hmm, probably something to do with the "purchase extra" feature. I'll try to get it straightened out ASAP.
Apr 19, 4:32 PM
 My anytime usage limit is 15,000 MB. Satellite Restriction Tracker has my anytime usage limit at 30,000 MB. I wish it were that much, but it isn't. is my domain. Can this be corrected. Thank You.
Mar 26, 2:03 PM
 Sorry for the delay. New BETA version with support for the "" domain is up and ready for use. If you run into any problems, please let me know.
 Still working on getting v1.4 ready.
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