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Aug 4, 11:30 AM
 Satellite Restriction Tracker hasn't updated in two days. When it tries to update and gets to downloading usage table, I get this message: "Usage Failed: The server rejected the request." I have Dish.
Jul 1, 3:36 AM
 Were you able to try any of the steps I asked about back in early May?
Jun 30, 8:23 PM
 Just had to reinstall again, same problem. Now all I get is no history...
May 29, 11:05 PM
 Jerry, I'm still waiting to hear back from you. Has the issue occurred again yet?
May 16, 3:05 AM
 Woah, okay, so the problem cropped up again. I don't trust it not to keep happening, so I'll be pushing out a new version for now.
May 12, 8:05 PM
 Has the problem resolved itself for both of you now? I'm keeping an eye on it, myself, but it looks like the slight change they made has been reverted again.
May 12, 1:09 PM
 Installed v1.4.1 update yesterday and SRT no longer works. SRT error msg: SRT encountered data it does not understand.
May 12, 12:35 PM
 now Restriction tracker is having problems reading data and does not update. I have Exede Internet and Windows 7
May 3, 10:31 PM
 Sounds like either the configuration or the database is becoming corrupted. Next time you have this problem, please do the following:

 Go to the folder %APPDATA%\RealityRipple Software\Satellite Restriction Tracker
 Move the "History-YOURACCOUNTNAME.wb" file to your desktop.
 Try opening the program again. If it works, the database is corrupt. Please send this file to me via E-Mail (you can click my username in these comments to send me an E-Mail now!). It has no private information in it other than usage numbers, and the name of the file has your account name, of course.
 If, however, SRT crashes again, I want you to move the user.config file to the desktop as well (delete the backup.config file afterward and you should be able to use SRT again until the problem re-occurs). Then drag the user.config file into your favorite simple text editor like Notepad, and find the <setting> tag with the name "PassCrypt". Delete the line below it containing the <value> tag and some weird letters (that was your password, encrypted and encoded). You can also remove your Account name if you want. Then, save the file and then send it to me via E-Mail.

 Either way, I should be able to track down and resolve the problem from whichever file is causing it. Sorry this is such a hassle to track down, but old WildBlue accounts aren't as plentiful as they used to be, and it's been a while since I've tested the code involved... But I'll get it resolved as soon as I can, with your help!
May 3, 8:06 PM
 Yeah I have to reinstall and delete my configuration files to get it to work. Simply
 starting it up again causes it to crash.
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