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Aug 5, 8:31 PM
 Alright, I've uploaded a new version, 1.4.16, which should hopefully take care of the problem without interfering with any other connections. If there are any issues with this version, please let me know!
Aug 4, 8:46 PM
 Thanks....I appreciate it.
Aug 4, 8:40 PM
 The problem appears to be caused by Dish's website creating a cookie that contains commas in it without the correct encoding. This causes an issue with the cookie system built into the .NET Framework. It may take some time for me to work around this.
Aug 4, 2:15 PM
 I'll look into it ASAP.
Aug 4, 11:30 AM
 Satellite Restriction Tracker hasn't updated in two days. When it tries to update and gets to downloading usage table, I get this message: "Usage Failed: The server rejected the request." I have Dish.
Jul 1, 3:36 AM
 Were you able to try any of the steps I asked about back in early May?
Jun 30, 8:23 PM
 Just had to reinstall again, same problem. Now all I get is no history...
May 29, 11:05 PM
 Jerry, I'm still waiting to hear back from you. Has the issue occurred again yet?
May 16, 3:05 AM
 Woah, okay, so the problem cropped up again. I don't trust it not to keep happening, so I'll be pushing out a new version for now.
May 12, 8:05 PM
 Has the problem resolved itself for both of you now? I'm keeping an eye on it, myself, but it looks like the slight change they made has been reverted again.
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