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Aug 21, 10:29 AM
 When I refresh SRT, sometimes it does give the correct anytime usage. Most of the time,it says 0%. This started a few days ago.
Aug 21, 9:48 AM
 When I refresh SRT,it says that I have 0% anytime usage. There isn't any error message. I have Dish.
"Deb B."
Aug 7, 6:02 PM
 The new version (1.4.17) solved the cookie issue! Thanks again!
Aug 7, 2:50 PM
 The new cookie parsing code wasn't as robust as it should have been. I'll be pushing out another version very soon!
"Deb B."
Aug 7, 9:59 AM
 New version (1.4.16) is giving a cookie error as of last night: "The 'Domain'='' part of the cookie is invalid."

 Previous version of SRT worked fine. What do I do now?
Aug 5, 11:43 PM
 The new version works great. Thanks!
Aug 5, 8:31 PM
 Alright, I've uploaded a new version, 1.4.16, which should hopefully take care of the problem without interfering with any other connections. If there are any issues with this version, please let me know!
Aug 4, 8:46 PM
 Thanks....I appreciate it.
Aug 4, 8:40 PM
 The problem appears to be caused by Dish's website creating a cookie that contains commas in it without the correct encoding. This causes an issue with the cookie system built into the .NET Framework. It may take some time for me to work around this.
Aug 4, 2:15 PM
 I'll look into it ASAP.
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