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Mar 7, 3:09 PM
 Usually that happens if you select "" instead of "". It could also be happening if you use "", as I've recently switched that over to use exclusively for Exede Business users.
 Please let me know which Provider domain name you've selected, and it'd also be helpful to know if you're using the latest Release or a BETA version.
Mar 7, 12:56 PM
 In the past couple days I was able to change my plan to the new 150GB Freedom Plan. The first few days the tracker worked fine, but now all of a sudden I'm getting the error message: Login Redirect-Exede Account detected.. Nothing has changed as far as my Wildblue/Exede login credentials.
Jan 10, 4:30 PM
 Update worked for me with Exede and tracker is working - thanks
Jan 10, 1:47 PM
 1.3.71 update worked. Exede, Windows 8. Thank you Andrew!
Jan 9, 8:57 PM
 Thanks, the update fixed my issue.
Jan 9, 6:46 PM
 Version 1.3.71 should resolve Exede issues for most users - For anyone using the Remote Usage Service or the TLS Proxy, I'm still working on getting the server to behave.
Jan 9, 4:49 PM
 Now getting 'Security protocol not supported for some reason'. Down since 1/5/17 11:11 AM, one success 1/8/17 8:15 AM.
Jan 9, 4:05 PM
 SRT v. 1.3.7 down since 1/5/17. When I hover over exclamation point, "Login Failed: Server redirected too many times." I use Exede.
Jan 8, 9:59 PM
 I also have not been able to connect since 1/5/17. But I am in the middle of testing OpenDNS Umbrella and trying to see if that might be the issue, but I see others reporting that same date.
Jan 8, 1:50 PM
 I think the Norton site detection thing is a leftover from the previous version's false positive. I've reported it and it should be fixed shortly.

 Regarding Exede's failure as of the night of January 4th, I'm working on it. A new version with the fix should be out within the next day or two. I hope.
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